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亚博最新域名_沪媒:上海德比暴露佩雷拉临场不足 完败于崔康熙

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   Relying on the excellent performance of 22-year-old substitute goalkeeper Chen Wei, relying on all the players to fight to the end, and even more reliant on the blessing of the goddess of luck, Shanghai SIPG overwhelmed the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua team after a penalty kick on October 23 and advanced to the semifinals of the Chinese Super League.

依靠22岁的替补门将陈伟的出色表现,依靠所有球员奋战到底,甚至更多地依靠运气女神的祝福,上海SIPG击败了上海格陵兰申花队。 10月23日点球大战,晋级中国超级联赛半决赛。





   This year's Chinese Super League has entered the second stage, which is completely a cup competition system. The two rounds of the cup match magnified the contingency of the game and also magnified the coach's on-the-spot command skills. Regrettably, during the two rounds of the Shanghai Derby, Cui Kangxi, the "old fox" from Asia, taught European coach Pereira a good lesson.


   Once upon a time, a strong team focused on thinking that I was the master and playing its own characteristics; a weak team focused on pertinence, preferring to change their own style of play, but also restrict their opponents.


In the video released by "Voice of Coach", Mourinho elaborated on the blackboard on his technical and tactical strategy in that game. "The key to victory in that game is not to let Messi catch the ball comfortably and In possession of the ball, the'fence' built by Zanetti, Motta and Cambiasso separates Messi from his teammates and keeps him inside. Our defensive players follow closely, There is no room for Messi to play."

在“教练之声”发布的视频中,穆里尼奥在黑板上详细阐述了他在那场比赛中的技术和战术策略。 “在那场比赛中取得胜利的关键不是让梅西舒适地接球,而在拥有球的情况下,扎内蒂,莫塔和坎比亚索所建的'围栏'将梅西与队友分开,并将其留在队内。我们的防守球员密切关注,梅西没有玩的空间。”

In fact, no matter which team Mourinho coaches, the players before the game will get video clips. The technical characteristics of the opponent's players, the line that likes to dribble, the preferred shooting angle, etc., will be cut into a turning point to help Players understand the characteristics of opponents, know themselves and enemies.






   Some fans like to study tactics. In fact, the football field is more important than strategy. In the two rounds of the Shanghai derby, Cui Kangxi did not play cards according to common sense in the strategic choice of main attack or main defense, and played the over-model Pereira by surprise.


  Data will never lie. In the first round, SIPG took a 17 to 3 lead, shot 5 to 0, and had a 67% to 33% possession rate, but the final result was 0 to 0. SIPG did not take advantage of it.


   In the first round, Pereira obviously underestimated the low profile of Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi. He did not expect that Shenhua would completely retreat and use a "901" tactic of retreating across the board. On the surface, SIPG has taken the initiative in the scene, but due to the lack of interspersed and level of offensive configuration, there are not many opportunities for absolute breakthroughs. 0 to 0 is a reasonable score.

在第一轮比赛中,佩雷拉显然低估了神华教练崔康熙的低调。他没有想到神华会完全撤退,而是采取全面撤退的“ 901”策略。从表面上看,SIPG采取了主动,但由于缺乏穿插亚博最新消息式和高水平的进攻配置,绝对突破的机会不多。 0到0是合理的分数。

   In the second round, Pereira may blush when looking at the technical statistics. In the first round, Shenhua, who chose to "put the bus", showed her fangs in the second round. After the opening, she fought fiercely and was supplemented by a fierce high position to intercept and strangle.


It is expected that Shenhua will continue Pereira's first defensive tactics, and once again miscalculates at the strategic level. His formation is rushing to the broken iron barrel: let Shi Ke and Cai Huikang who missed the first round start, somewhat Risky, after all, the position of the central defender and midfielder is very important, and the key games will not rotate. Pereira did this, or he assumed that Shenhua would defend himself. Shi Ke and Cai Huikang only needed to defend themselves head-on, and there would be little pressure to chase back and defend.


   It is precisely because of the lack of strategic estimates. SIPG was actually beaten by the violent storm after Shenhua's opening. The data shows that the tactics of the Greenland Shenhua Team's "ice and fire" have been successful. In the second round, the number of shots by the Shenhua team was 18 to 9 far ahead of SIPG, and the shots were doubled by 8 to 4, and Shenhua also hit the post once.


   In terms of ball possession rate, Shenhua’s 49% is only one percentage point lower, but the number of shots and the number of positive shots are dominant. This suffices to show that Cui Kangxi arranged two rounds of offensive and defensive main "super change" and caught Pereira by surprise. If it weren't for Yang Xu's single-handed kick in the last moment, the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua team could solve the problem within 120 minutes. Of course, the Shenhua team also had flaws in the second round. They were the same as SIPG in the first round and did not turn their advantage into a victory. In the end, the game entered a penalty shootout, giving SIPG a chance to comeback under adversity.


   There is no doubt that Pereira is an excellent coach. He has coached and won championships in Portugal, Greece, Turkey and China. In the 2018 season, Pereira, with the help of the frontcourt quartet consisting of Hulk, Oscar, Elkerson and Wu Lei, coached SIPG over Evergrande and won the Super League championship.

毫无疑问,佩雷拉是一位出色的教练。他曾在葡萄牙,希腊,土耳其和中国执教并赢得冠军。在2018赛季,佩雷拉(Pereira)在绿巨人(Hulk),奥斯卡(Oscar),埃尔克森(Elkerson)和吴磊(Wu Lei)组成的前场四重奏的帮助下,执导了SIPG胜过恒大,并获得了超级联赛冠军。

   However, this year's two-round elimination system for the league's special competition system, coupled with the intense, exciting and stressful derby in Shanghai, exposed Pereira's shortcomings. Compared with the 30-game league point system, the stability of the team is more tested. The two-round knockout system requires the team to be more varied and explosive, but this does not seem to be Pereira's expertise. At least, when adapting to the special format of the second stage of this year's Super League, Pereira is indeed a bit "slow."




   Take on-the-spot command as an example, Pereira may also need to summarize. In the first round, Pereira played all the best cards in his hand, leaving no back-hands and no change in tactical organization. Shenhua, who had already studied SIPG to the hairy level, calmly deployed and strengthened its defense in the first round. SIPG was unable to score a goal even though it had been bombing for a long time.

以现场命令为例,Pereira可能还需要进行总结。在第一轮比赛中,佩雷拉打出了所有最好的牌,没有反手,战术组织也没有变化。已经对SIPG进行了深入研究的神华在第一轮比赛中冷静部署并加强了其防御能力。 SIPG即使轰炸了很长时间也无法进球。

In the face of the stalemate, Pereira’s on-the-spot command was too patterned. In addition to replacing Lu Wenjun with Li Shenglong to increase the strength of the frontcourt, and the main goalkeeper Yan Junling was injured and replaced by substitute Chen Wei, he responded to the changes with the same change, and finally wasted 3 substitutions. He has not considered the possibility of other changes.





   Fortunately, Pereira, who made mistakes in tactics, relied on her skills to successfully achieve self-correction. First of all, in the second half, he replaced Cai Huikang, who lacked a sense of existence, and let Mai Tijiang, who has passing skills and footwork, returned to the midfielder position of the first round, and the team's passing became smooth. Secondly, in response to Shi Ke's short height being bullied by Shenhua center Bi Jinhao, Moreno and Yang Xu in turn, he replaced Shenhua with a tall defender Yu Rui to restrict Shenhua's simple and crude tactics.


   Of course, Pereira's most commendable tactical adjustment is to switch from 4 guards to 5 guards, using the number advantage to strengthen protection, compress the area, and limit Shenhua's high ball attack. However, Zhu Rui's replacement of He Hao may also be a questioning hand. In theory, Yu Rui, who is tall, replaces Shi Ke, which is more conducive to the overall anti-ball defense of SIPG.


   Perhaps learning the lessons of the first round, Pereira's multi-person adjustment this time has also achieved obvious results. SIPG has at least stabilized its position. However, replacing the pit dug by Anautović could not be filled after all-it is also destined that SIPG can only rely on a little luck to win the penalty shootout, but has lost the ability to make a final decision in regular time.

也许佩雷拉(Pereira)这次在多人调整中吸取了第一轮的教训,也取得了明显的成绩。 SIPG至少稳定了其地位。但是,用Anautović代替挖坑仍然无法填补,这也注定了SIPG只能靠一点运气来赢得点球大战,但却失去了在常规时间内做出最终决定的能力。

   In fact, Anautović scored 7 goals in the first stage of the Super League, making him the team's best scorer. However, SIPG’s current foreign aid cards are too good, but Pereira is somewhat at a loss: Hulk is the captain and dare not change, Oscar is the core and cannot be changed, Mu Yi looks very stable and does not want to change, so he can only replace Ah. Nautovich, the goal is to stick to a 1-0.

实际上,安纳托维奇在超级联赛的第一阶段就攻入了7个进球,这使他成为该队的最亚博最新消息佳得分手。但是,SIPG当前的外援卡太好了,但Pereira却有些茫然:绿巨人是队长,不敢改变,奥斯卡是核心,不能改变,穆毅看起来很稳定,不想改变,所以他只能代替阿。 Nautovich,目标是坚持1-0。

  Actually, Pereira’s approach is a bit like picking up sesame seeds and throwing watermelons. If SIPG has an advantage this season, it is the ability of foreign aid. As long as the four foreign aids stand in the front field, their opponents must be closely guarded. When Pereira replaced the most threatening and tallest Anautović, she basically let Shenhua's defense line unscrupulously press on. This is a gamble: bet that the Shanghai SIPG defender can withstand Shenhua's counterattack. , Otherwise it is basically useless to score goals.

实际上,佩雷拉(Pereira)的做法有点像捡芝麻和扔西瓜。如果本赛季SIPG有优势,那就是外援的能力。只要这四个外援站在前场,他们的对手就必须受到严密保护。当佩雷拉(Pereira)取代威胁最大,最亚博最新消息高的安塔诺维奇(Anautović)时,她基本上是不顾一切地让申花的防御线继续前进。这是一场赌博:打赌上海SIPG的后卫可以承受申花的反击。 ,否则得分目标基本上是没有用的。

   Fortunately, Pereira's luck was good enough, and his life was hard enough. Although Shenhua stubbornly equalized the score, SIPG fought to the end and relied on the penalty shootout to have the last laugh. Of course, the luck of the football field cannot always be on the side, and more depends on the hard power of the team. In these two knockouts, Pereira was more than passionate and lacking in strategy. On the one hand, he was under tremendous pressure, and on the other hand, he exposed his shortcomings.


   In fact, Pereira, who played a little abnormally, knows better than anyone: SIPG has a large gap between the bench and the main force in the team lineup, and the bench depth is average. In this case, if you want to hit the championship, you need more empowerment from the coaching staff instead of implicating consumption. Fortunately, the Shenhua team can actually copy their homework in dealing with SIPG's tactical template: once SIPG encounters a strong team such as Guoan and Evergrande, Pereira can steal from Cui Kangxi and play a "usage doctrine".


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