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If there is no help from Liverpool to grab the headlines and appease the desperation of a considerable part of the fans who have nowhere to rest, I am afraid that no one will be willing to discuss Manchester United after such a 1:6 match. When Solskjaer was hit by happiness to fight Manchester United, he must feel that his life was enough to be taken care of. Two years have passed. I wonder if Sochaux, who awkwardly held Mourinho's hand after the whistle of the match, is still Have the spirit of the original. But one thing is certain, when he experienced the lack of recruitment and the disaster of the beginning of the league in the summer, he should really understand that Manchester United’s head coach may be the most difficult task in the sports world, just like young people who are new to the workplace are drawn by the boss. After the pie, they struggled with their lives. They had an inevitable god-like monument standing in front of them, and they had a few predecessors who left without dignity. They have the world's top football club's blood-making ability to make money, and they have a combination of vampires and wealthy boys Management team. Van Gaal and Mourinho are confused by this weird club atmosphere, but they have the ability to get out of the siege, but Solskjaer?

如果利物浦没有帮助他们夺取头条新闻并安抚大部分无休止的球迷的绝望,恐怕没人会愿意在这样的1:6比赛之后讨论曼联。当索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)遭受打击曼联的幸福打击时,他必须感到自己的生活足以应付自如。两年过去了我想知道在比赛结束后笨拙地握住穆里尼奥的手的索肖尔是否仍然具有原始精神。但是可以肯定的是,当他在夏天遇到缺乏招聘和联赛初期的灾难时,他应该真正理解曼联的主教练可能是体育界最困难的任务,就像年轻人一样职场新手是由老板吸引的。吃完馅饼后,他们为生活挣扎。他们面前站着一个不可避免的神像纪念碑,并且他们有几位前辈没有尊严地离开。他们拥有世界顶级足球俱乐部的赚钱能力,并且拥有吸血鬼和富有的男孩管理团队。范加尔(Van Gaal)和穆里尼奥(Mourinho)对这种怪异的俱乐部气氛感到困惑,但是他们有能力摆脱包围亚博最新消息,但是索尔斯克亚(Solskjaer)?

Compared with the honors of the two former coaches Van Gaal and Mourinho, Sochaux's coaching career is more like a blank sheet of paper, so he has very limited chips and confidence to wrestle with the top management of Manchester United. Manchester United's senior management to offer him the position of first-team coach is a weight that Sochaux, who has not really proven himself in his coaching career, cannot bear. Taking over the initial streak of victories, the slogan of offensive football, the collective support of Manchester United's famous players, and standing on the "bench" enough to get the contract, Sochaux seems to conceal the fact that the top management of Manchester United chose a rookie coach.

与前两位教练范加尔(Van Gaal)和穆里尼奥(Mourinho)的荣誉相比,索乔的教练生涯更像是一张白纸,因此他拥有有限的筹码和信心与曼联的高层管理人员搏斗。曼彻斯特联队为他提供一线教练职位的高级管理人员无法真正承担起在自己的教练生涯中尚未证明自己的索乔的重担。接管了最初的胜利,进攻性足球的口号,曼联著名球员的集体支持以及站在足以获得合同的“长凳”上,索乔似乎掩盖了曼联高层选择的事实。新秀教练。

After getting the Manchester United coaching position, Sochaux will personally cherish this hard-won opportunity to coach Manchester United, so Manchester United’s management found that this is a natural "potential" coach. Shaw will not go to the media like Mourinho or Van Gaal to make a voice and put pressure on management. Nor will he choose to leave when the conflict is irreconcilable like Mourinho and Van Gaal, because the stubborn Van Gaal has already become famous and has the heart to retreat, and Mourinho will still be the leader of the European giants. The preferred choice, there is no place to stay here.


The senior management of Manchester United have precisely taken Sochaux’s reluctance to bear Manchester United’s leadership position. He will cherish it extraordinarily and will continue to compromise. From the determination of strengthening the lineup at the end of last season to the dissatisfaction with Manchester United’s inadequate signings at the beginning of the new season. Very tactfully, Sochau might really give in reluctantly. Although Sochau is also working hard to leave his mark on Manchester United, Red Devils DNA, offensive football, youth storm, but these labels are not the championship trophy in the showroom, nor can they become a bargaining chip for Sochau and the management. There is no way to reverse the plight of Manchester United. With his glorious resume, combative character, and the minor triple crown, Mourinho, who has never conceded defeat, won the battle with the top management of Manchester United. Sochaux wants to continue to stay at Manchester United as a coach and everyone knows what he should do. But is he really willing? Will he change? In the current decline of Manchester United, the management responsibility is more than everything, but capital controls everything. In the end, the head coach must be responsible for this pot.


Although Sochau’s coaching ability is limited, he seems to have done his best. As the darling of Manchester United, his love for Manchester United must be deeper than that of the fans. Maybe he bears the humiliation and does the best he can do. solution. Can Manchester United, who have a bad start to the new season, withstand the setbacks of a new round of coaching? Want him to leave? Or hope he can lead Manchester United to rebound?


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