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In the first round of the ATP Hamburg station, a male player kneeling on his knees to the female referee on duty due to a controversial penalty was recently posted on the Internet. Many fans may have met this Uruguayan player for the first time because of this: Pablo Cuevas (Pablo Cuevas), Cuevas seems to be very satisfied with his performance, uploading photos of his kneeling on social networking sites, gains After receiving a lot of praise, this may become a landmark moment in his career.

在ATP汉堡站的第一轮比赛中,最近亚博最新消息有一位男性球员因有争议的刑罚跪在值班女裁判上。由于以下原因,许多球迷可能是初次见识这位乌拉圭球员:Pablo Cuevas(Pablo Cuevas),Cuevas似乎对自己的表现非常满意,在社交网站上上传了跪下的照片,收获了很多好评,这可能成为他职业生涯中具有里程碑意义的时刻。

Such a very rare and delightful scene on the stadium was re-interpreted by the fans with written instructions. One of the popular lines is: "Sister referee, will you marry me?" Of course. Just a joke, Cuevas has a deep relationship with his girlfriend who has been in love with him for many years. Basically, wherever he goes to compete, he will bring his girlfriend and their two baby daughters. His family is his strongest backing.


When making that horrifying kneel, Cuevas was just begging the referee in his bad English: "Please come, coming", "Look the line", but the female referee did not Moved, stick to your judgment on the ball mark. In fact, Cuevas had already won 1 set 6-4 at the time. In the first set of the second set, he was also leading 30-0 in the serve of his opponent Fritz. The situation was very good. That 1 point did not affect the trend of the game too much. Big impact.


Seeing Cuevas’ funny performance at the time, his opponent, American star Fritz, couldn’t help being amused, but unexpectedly it was in Cuevas’s arms. Although he failed to win the controversial 1 point, he still broke his opponent’s. This serve, and then successfully won the second set 6-2. Perhaps it is precisely because of the long-term knowledge of Cuevas's qualities that the referee on duty refused to entangle him too much, so as not to disturb his mentality by his performance, but still could not prevent the young Fritz from being "tricked".

看到奎瓦斯当时的搞笑表现,他的对手美国球星弗里茨不禁被逗乐了,但出乎意料的是,正是在奎瓦斯的怀抱中。尽管他未能赢得有争议的1分,但他仍然击败了对手。发球,然后成功赢得第二盘6-2。也许正是由于对Cuevas的品质有长期的了解,当值裁判拒绝让他纠缠太多,以免打扰他的心态,但仍不能阻止年轻的Fritz被“欺骗” 。

Not long ago, in the first round of the U.S. Open, American compatriot Sok, who was a few years older than Fritz, had a difficult time with Cuevas in five sets, and reported the "one-shot revenge" he lost to his opponent in the first round of the U.S. Open last year. Sock also summed up the way to deal with Uruguayan veterans after the previous two consecutive defeats against Cuevas and accumulated enough experience, and those players who are not familiar with Cuevas’s play style and temperament. It's easy to be taken away by him and lose the game silly.


In the last round of the ATP Cup group match earlier this year, Cuevas had a performance similar to "Kneeling on the court". In the match against Georgian player Brazilashvili, Cuevas, who fell behind 4-5 in the first set and 0-40 points in the game, was warned by the referee on the grounds of a negative game. Angrily, he was ready to retire on the spot (Is really angry Only he knows the fake anger.) After being persuaded by his teammates to return to the court, Cuevas began to prove to the referee with all kinds of exaggerated body language: "Look, see, I really work hard." Not to mention, after such a toss, Cuevas's state in the second set quickly improved and he won 6-1. Fortunately, his opponent Brazillashvili stabilized his position in time and won 6-4 in the final set. Avoided a tragic reversal.


Pablo Cuevas, born on January 1, 1986 in Concordia, a small city near the border between Argentina and Uruguay, has been in professional tennis for 16 years. He is 1.80 meters tall and is a traditional "clay expert". Law, in today's tennis world, there is no advantage at all, and sometimes have to deal with opponents through some small tricks. But Cuevas’s amazing talent is not only reflected in gagging, and many incredible winning points prove that even if he is an actor, he is also an absolute “powerful” actor.

帕勃罗·库埃瓦斯(Pablo Cuevas)于1986年1月1日出生于康科迪亚(Concordia),阿根廷和乌拉圭之间的边界附近的一个小城市,从事职业网球已有16年。他身高1.80米,是传统的“粘土专家”。法律,在当今的网球世界中根本没有优势,有时必须通过一些小技巧与对手打交道。但是库瓦斯惊人的才华不仅体现在作呕上,而且许多令人难以置信的获胜点证明,即使他是一名演员,他也是绝对的“有力”演员。

Cuevas has won 6 ATP Tour singles titles in his career, 3 of which came from the 2015-2017 Brazil Open three consecutive championships. Among them, in the 2017 final, Cuevas took a look when he got the match point on the serve. Opposing Lamos-Venolas's position, he immediately picked up a down-hand serve. The under-prepared Ramos-Venolas' rhythm was disrupted and he returned the ball within a few shots and made a mistake. Send.

库瓦斯在职业生涯中赢得了6个ATP Tour单打冠军,其中3个来自2015-2017巴西公开赛连续三届冠军。其中,在2017年的决赛中,奎瓦斯(Cuevas)看到了发球局的比赛点。与拉莫斯-维诺拉斯(Lamos-Venolas)的位置相反,他立即拿下了副手。准备不足的拉莫斯-维诺拉斯(Ramos-Venolas)的节奏被打乱了,他在几次投篮后就把球传了出去,犯了一个错误。发送。

In addition to the starting serve performance at that match point, Cuevas also defeated Schwarzman and Busta on the way to promotion at the 2017 Brazil Open, but these are not comparable. The magic he created at this station in 2016. At the 2016 Brazilian Open, Cuevas created a miracle unprecedented in tennis history, and it is also difficult to have a comer. He defeated 5 left-handed players in a row to win the championship, including a hard fight for 3 hours and 28 minutes in the semi-finals, and defeated Nadal . As a right-handed SLR player, Cuevas' SLR doesn't suffer at all from the left-handed player, but often plays the "nemesis" of the left-handed player.


Because his SLR "resistance" ability is strong enough, Cuevas has become one of Nadal's favorite training partners, but Nadal has suffered from this partner. In addition to the 2016 Brazil Open being reversed by his opponents, in the third round of the 2017 Paris Masters, although Nadal fought hard against Cuevas in three sets, Nadal was in front of the net and faced Cuevas's weird crotch cross ball. , Completely unable to judge the direction of the ball, was "fixed" on the spot, watched the tennis ball fly by and was played firmly by Cuevas.

由于他的SLR“抵抗”能力足够强,因此Cuevas成为了纳达尔最喜欢的训练伙伴之一,但是纳达尔却为此遭受了痛苦。除了2016年巴西公开赛被对手逆转之外,在2017年巴黎大师赛的第三轮比赛中,尽管纳达尔在三盘交锋中与库埃瓦斯进行了艰苦的战斗,纳达尔仍在网前面对库埃瓦斯的奇怪的cross球。 ,他完全无法判断球的方向,当场被“固定”,看着网球飞过,由Cuevas坚定地打。

Even the experienced Nadal is like this. Young players are often at a loss when facing Cuevas' improvisation. In the final of Estoril last year, Sisipas won the first set and broke serve in the second set, and suffered a "magic blow" from Cuevas. Cuevas was holding his racket in front of the net, looking up at the sky, as if he wanted to hit a powerful high-pressure ball. In fact, he waited for the tennis ball to fall, and slammed a hip volley from behind. Although the quality of the volley was not high, Sisipas, who was confused by the opponent's fake action and predicted a mistake, still couldn't catch up and lost the point.


In the second set of the game, Cuevas took advantage of the opportunity to complete the break and dragged the game into the tie-breaker, but Sisipas, who was even better, won his first clay court championship in the end. However, Zverev was not so lucky. In the quarter-finals of the 2017 Madrid Masters, he won 1 set against Cuevas. In the second set, he made his first serve and picked a high ball in front of the net. , Seeing the scoring in sight, but unexpectedly Cuevas slammed his backhand when he rushed back to the bottom line, hitting a crossing score like a long eye behind his back. The morale boosted Cuevas then even won the second set 6-0, and the final set won 6-4, completing the reversal, breaking into the top 4 singles of the ATP Masters for the first time in his career.

在第二盘比赛中,奎瓦斯利用机会完成突破,将比赛拖入决胜局,但更好的西西帕斯最终赢得了他的第一个红土场地冠军。但是,兹韦列夫不是那么幸运。在2017年马德里大师赛四分之一决赛中,他在对阵Cuevas的比赛中赢得1盘。在第二盘中,他首次发球,并在网前挑了一个高球。 ,在看到进球的情况下,但Cuevas冲回底线时出乎意料地猛击了他的反手,击中了一个像长长的眼睛一样的交叉得分。鼓舞士气的Cuevas甚至在第二局以6-0获胜,最后一局以6-4获胜,完成了逆转,这是他职业生涯中第一次闯入ATP大师赛的前四名。

Compared with singles, Cuevas has achieved even higher doubles, winning 1 Grand Slam and 2 Masters Men's Doubles titles. In 2008, the French Open, Cuevas and Peruvian Olna, the two low-profile South American SLR players paired for the first time, they defeated the top seed Bryan brothers and the second seed Nestor/Zimonjic. Many strong players including it won the championship. Especially in the quarter-finals, against the Bryan brothers who were almost invincible at the time, the South American SLR combination received and served extremely bravely. With the help of the rainy match, it created one of the most amazing upsets in the history of the Grand Slam.

与单打相比,库埃瓦斯取得​​了更高的双打,赢​​得了1个大满贯和2个大师级男子双打冠军。 2008年,法网公开赛,库埃瓦斯(Cuevas)和秘鲁奥尔纳(Peruvian Olna)这两个低调的南美单反球员首次配对,他们击败了头号种子布赖恩兄弟和第二号种子内斯特/齐蒙季奇。包括它在内的许多强大球员赢得了冠军。特别是在四分之一决赛中,面对当时几乎无敌的布莱恩兄弟,南美SLR组合获得了极大的勇气并发挥了很大的作用。在多雨比赛的帮助下,它创造了大满贯历史上最令人惊讶的意外之一。

In the 2017 Monte Carlo Masters men's doubles final, Cuevas partnered with Indian star Popana to face the French Open champion of the previous year, Spain's Fi Lopez/Marc Lopez combination. In the second game of the second set, facing Fi Lopez's bottom-line crit, Cuevas lifted heavy weight in front of the net and hit a superb strike comparable to the "zero cut" in "The Prince of Tennis". After his volley landed Although the bounce was very high, the ball swiveled immediately after crossing the net and jumped back to Cuevas, who was already waiting there. Philip Lopez, who couldn't catch up, fisted his opponent to pay tribute. He was sincerely convinced that the Masters champion was also the best reward for Cuevas's excellent performance.

在2017年蒙特卡洛大师赛男子双打决赛中,库埃瓦斯与印度球星帕帕纳(Popana)合作,面对上一年的法国公开赛冠军,即西班牙的洛佩兹(Fi Lopez)/马克洛佩兹(Marc Lopez)。在第二盘的第二局中,面对菲洛佩兹的底线暴击,库埃瓦斯在网前举起了沉重的重物,并击出了媲美《网球王子》中“零斩”的绝妙打击。齐射降落后尽管弹跳很高,但球越过网后球立即旋转并跳回到已经在那儿等待的库瓦斯。追不上的菲利普·洛佩兹(Philip Lopez)拳头向对手致敬。他真诚地相信,大师赛冠军也是Cuevas出色表现的最佳奖励。

Every time Cuevas made a breakthrough on the field, he was almost accompanied by those "alien" hits that only he could hit. His performance on the tennis court was won by the Uruguayan media and Brazilian star Ronaldinho. (Xiao Luo) The gorgeous footwork on the football field is used for comparison. At the beginning of this year, Ronaldinho was imprisoned in a Paraguayan prison for allegedly using a forged passport. As a result, he performed outstandingly in a football game in the prison and was awarded the title of "Prisoner King". Cuevas also went to prison recently-of course, he did not go to jail, but performed a sympathy performance.

每当Cuevas在该领域取得突破时,他几乎都会伴随着只有他才能击中的那些“异类”热门歌曲。乌拉圭媒体和巴西明星罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ronaldinho)赢得了他在网球场上的表演。 (小罗)足球场上华丽的步法用于比较。今年年初,小罗因涉嫌使用伪造护照被关押在巴拉圭监狱。结果,他在监狱的一场足球比赛中表现出色,并被授予“囚犯之王”的头衔。库埃瓦斯最近也入狱-当然,他没有入狱,但是表现了同情。

In August of this year, Cuevas attended the inauguration ceremony of a tennis court in a women's prison in Uruguay. This is his second time to participate in similar activities in the prison. Cuevas, who plays unfettered and unrestrained on the court, is a man with a sense of family responsibility and social responsibility in his life. In the past 10 years, he has supported the sky of Uruguayan tennis almost by himself. He was "aponized" by the country and never refused the call of the national team. It is precisely because of the existence of Cuevas that Uruguay, a small country with a population of less than 3.5 million, has not only many football stars reaching world-class levels in sports, but tennis is also a sports card of the country.


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