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亚博最新域名:裁判界专家:张雷判罚不为讨好领导 而为"掌控比赛"

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   Manuscript source: Beijing headlines


With both of them locked in the tickets for the second stage of the Chinese Super League this season, the group B leader Shanghai SIPG met with Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, which was originally worthy of the fans’ expectations. Altar weekend dinner”, but the protagonist of the game was taken away by the 38-year-old international referee Zhang Lei. His individual disputes and penalties in the game are not only about "wrong or missed judgments", but also raised questions about his "ulterior motives". Although it is impossible to verify whether his controversial judgments were "inspired by others," his "different standards" in the law enforcement process were clearly presented with the help of modern technology. And this is just one of the many cases of "different penalty scales" in the Super League this season.


The outside world cannot unreasonably accuse Zhang Lei of "showing loyalty to the leadership", but the obvious "faint whistle" action may drag the "leader" into the whirlpool of controversy, and also bring unstoppable negative effects on the referee himself and the league law enforcement work. trouble. Zhang Lei continued to "ferment" after the controversy in the judgment of the "Beijing-Shanghai War", so that he eventually made it into the hot search list of social platforms. Chinese football has entered the hot search list in this way. This is probably not the result of the leadership of the Chinese Football Association, the referee committee, or Zhang Lei himself.


   Zhang Lei became the "focus" without a doubt because he refused to award Zhonghe Guoan's penalty in the 54th minute. Someone commented that Zhang Lei's penalty for "Lei" was that after watching the VAR video playback, he still put on a calm and confident expression, and then shook his arm to signal that "the penalty does not exist." Did SIPG foreign aid Mu Yi foul Guoan foreign aid Vieira in the penalty area? Although compared to Li Ke’s previous arm touching the ball in the penalty area, Mu Yi and Vieira’s body contact scenes are far-sighted, but as long as they are not blind, the audience can see Mu Yi "on top of his knees." With the help of modern technology, there is no so-called "difficulty" in the penalty, let alone "metaphysics", so it is not difficult to understand the "open eyes and blind" comments made by fans or media people after the game.

毫无疑问,张磊成为“焦点”,因为他在第54分钟内拒绝裁决中和国安的处罚。有人评论说张磊对“雷”的惩罚是,看完VAR视频后,他仍然保持镇定,自信的表情,然后摇了摇臂,以表示“这种惩罚不存在”。 SIPG的外援穆伊在禁区内是否触犯了国安队的外援Vieira?尽管与李可先前的手臂在罚球区触球相比,穆依和维埃拉的身体接触场景是有远见的,但是只要他们不盲目,观众就可以看到穆依“在膝盖上方”。在现代技术的帮助下,罚款中没有所谓的“困难”,更不用说“形而上学”了,因此在比赛后不难理解球迷或媒体人的“睁开眼睛和瞎子”的评论。 。

   As we all know, the judgment of judgement by international and domestic football referee management departments is mainly based on rules, not subjective judgments. If Zhang Lei can exercise the power of "final determination" by the referee in accordance with the latest penalties and in the event that VAR cannot clearly distinguish whether the action is foul, then Zhang Lei will be fined for handball in the penalty area. The different scales of enforcement are obvious. For example, shortly after the start of the game, SIPG defender He used to suspect a foul on Guoan’s foreign aid Bacambu during the race for top.


   There are two reasons for saying "suspect": one of the reasons that Zhang Lei did not impose a penalty is that another international referee Li Haixin, who was a video assistant referee, did not give Zhang Lei a prompt to start the VAR procedure. Soon after the start of the game, the two teams did not score goals and were still in the process of adapting to the rhythm of the game. Suspected fouls were easily overlooked. Second, the image data showed that He used to be suspected of touching the ball with his arm and elbowing his opponent, but the referee did not confirm it. Is it true that "black and white do not mention" without a decision? Anyway, after the intermission, the picture provided by the broadcaster is clearly visible. I don't know what the referee on duty felt after viewing the video.


   Another penalty case seems more convincing. That was the 24th minute of the 11th round of SIPG vs. Zall. Zall forward Dong Xuesheng received a corner kick from his teammate and then headed for the goal. SIPG defender Fu Huan obviously touched the ball with his arm open, which means it was enlarged. In view of the defensive area, Zhang Lei on duty not only judged that it was not handball for the first time, but also maintained the original judgment after the intervention of VAR. SIPG and Zhonghe Guoan's two No. 23s even took off and touched the ball almost exactly the same, but the encounters were different. Then the two punishment videos were presented in front of Zhang Lei at the same time, how should he be sentenced?

另一个处罚案件似乎更有说服力。那是SIPG对扎尔的第11轮比赛的第24分钟。 Zall前锋董学胜从队友获得一个角球,然后朝球门进发。 SIPG的后卫傅欢显然张开了手臂碰到了球,这意味着球已放大。鉴于防守区域,值班的张磊不仅第一次判断不是手球,而且在VAR干预后也保持了原来的判断。 SIPG和中和国安的两个23号球甚至起飞并触球几乎完全相同,但相遇却有所不同。然后将两个处罚录像带同时呈现在张磊面前,该如何判刑?

   Speaking of the uniform standard of penalties, the Chinese Football Association’s Disarmament Committee has emphasized it over and over again, whether it is in various pre-season refereeing business training, or intensive learning and mobilization in the competition area. But as an active referee expert said, “FIFA, AFC, and Chinese Football Association all strictly require referees to maintain a uniform penalty scale. However, there is still a'non-uniformity'. The reason is very simple. There is a difference."


   Is Zhang Lei's "enforcement of penalty rules" good or bad? It is also necessary for all parties to comprehensively evaluate the overall performance of referees over the years to objectively evaluate. But in fact, the 38-year-old Zhang Lei is one of the seven international referees (head referees) registered by the Chinese Football Association and one of the three professional referees currently employed by the Chinese Football Association. Zhang Lei has come to today thanks to his own efforts and the careful training of the Chinese Football Association. As one of the youngest referees in Chinese professional football, Zhang Lei has been in the Super League since the 2009 season. Quite interestingly, his first game of law enforcement was the match between Guoan and Qingdao Zhongneng that season.


   At that time, Chinese professional football was in a quagmire due to the "corruption scandal", and some of the famous referees were imprisoned. The credibility of Chinese football referees fell to a freezing point. Zhang Lei, together with referees such as Ma Ning, Fu Ming, and Wang Di, has emerged as a new generation of "famous whistles" when the domestic refereeing work has fallen into an unprecedented low.


   Zhang Lei's experience among them is richer and more bumpy. Soon after he was exceptionally "promoted" to "international level" 10 years ago, he was once "beaten" back to "national level" due to errors and omissions. Until the 2017 season, 35-year-old Zhang Lei returned to the international referee camp with the "high scores" accumulated in law enforcement in the past few seasons, and at that time he had another identity-the AFC elite referee. In other words, its experience and ability have been recognized at the international level. From the perspective of domestic referees, Zhang Leineng was awarded the best referee in the Chinese Super League in the 2018 season, which is a matter of course.

张磊的经历更加丰富和坎bump。 10年前,他被异常“提升”为“国际水平”后不久,由于错误和疏漏,他曾一度被“殴打”回“国家水平”。直到2017赛季,35岁的张磊带着过去几个赛季在执法部门积累的“高分”重返国际裁判阵营,当时他拥有另一个身份-亚足联精英裁判。换句话说,它的经验和能力已在国际上得到认可。从国内裁判员的角度来看,张雷能被评为2018赛季中国超级联赛最佳裁判,这是理所当然的。

  Before becoming one of the first professional referees of the Chinese Football Association in early 2019, Zhang Lei worked for a sports event television broadcast signal production and service company, which is now the media copyright and signal production partner of the Chinese Super League. It was at the critical stage of the exploratory work of introducing VAR technology in the Chinese Super League. Zhang Lei, who has a solid foundation in the penalty business, has benefited from his own convenient working conditions and has a better understanding of the technical details such as the introduction and switching of football game broadcast signals than other referees. This is actually for him in the penalty work, especially It is the foundation of excellence in VAR technical operation.


   It can be seen that just from the above several disputes and penalties, Zhang Lei was labeled as "low business", not seeking truth from facts. So since Zhang Lei is a recognized professional among the local referees, why has it caused such a huge controversy in the recent Chinese Super League enforcement process? For this reason, someone gave his judgment of "showing loyalty to the leadership".


   At this point, I have to mention a fact. That is, Chen Xuyuan, the current chairman of the Chinese Football Association, served as the leader of Shanghai SIPG Club for a long time before joining the association. So there was a "conspiracy theory" about Zhang Lei's whistle blowing to benefit the SIPG team. But this is not the case. SIPG has already led their opponents by 4 points before encountering Zhonghe Guoan in this round. Even if they lose to the latter, SIPG has a high probability of winning the contemporary in the final round and is still expected to win the first place in Group B. In this special season, when modern technology is so advanced, Chen Xuyuan or the "leader" instructs the referee to enforce the law, which is logically impossible.

在这一点上,我不得不提一个事实。也就是说,中国足球协会现任主席陈旭元在加入上海SIPG俱乐部之前担任了很长一段时间。因此,有一种关于“张磊吹亚博最新域名口哨”以使SIPG团队受益的“阴谋论”。但这种情况并非如此。 SIPG在本轮与中和国安见面之前已经领先对手4分。即使输给了后者,SIPG在最后一轮比赛中也很有可能赢得当代大奖,并且有望继续赢得B组冠军。在这个特殊的季节,现代技术如此先进,陈旭元或“领队”指示裁判执行法律,这在逻辑上是不可能的。

   Before this game, Zhang Lei also enforced the game between He Guoan and SIPG in the Super Cup in late February 2019. SIPG was also the winner at the time. Counting this game, Zhonghe Guoan has lost 7 consecutive losses to SIPG. Therefore, the main reason for the continuation of this record is obviously not that SIPG has benefited from the favorable penalty. Also logically speaking, Zhang Lei should not target the Beijing team. Zhang Lei was born in Dalian, but grew up in Beijing, graduated from Beijing Sport University, and then worked for a company registered in Beijing. His youth, as well as the brilliance of his professional experience, are inseparable from Beijing.




   Regardless of how the Chinese Football Association’s Referral Committee determines the penalty for Zhang Lei’s dispute in the Beijing-Shanghai match, the match result cannot be changed. The outside world, especially the Chinese Super League club as the protagonist of the competition, is still suing the referee one after another under the circumstances of "disapproval of the rules". On the one hand, there is the possibility of venting dissatisfaction or "diverting attention" to excuse the failure. More importantly, I hope to express dissatisfaction to urge the referee management department to further strengthen the work of improving referees' professional level, so as to avoid more mediocre penalties that undermine fair competition in the league.


   By the 13th round of the Super League this season, nearly half of the clubs have "appealed" the Chinese Football Association on refereeing issues. In addition to the Beijing-Shanghai competition in this round, part of the law enforcement of the referee horsepower of Evergrande and Suning competition, especially the grasp of law enforcement standards also caused dissatisfaction between both parties. It can be seen that with the advancing of the competition, all the participating teams are keeping an eye on the referees. Not to mention whether this excessive attention is appropriate, but the second stage of the Super League this season adopts a knockout system, and the fate of each team is likely to be influenced by one or even one round of competition. Whether the penalty is fair is particularly important. Whether the Chinese Football Association can learn from the Zhang Lei incident and improve the second-stage law enforcement work, it is more realistic.


   When the "earth whistle" has repeatedly fallen into a crisis of confidence, the public opinion will often call for a "please call for a foreign whistle." So does the Chinese Football Association invite foreign referees to enforce the second stage of the Super League? A related person from the association said on the 26th that, in terms of practical conditions, it is very difficult to invite foreign referees to enforce the Super League competition this season, and the operability is not high. This is because during the epidemic, the situation of epidemic prevention at home and abroad is still very severe. The entry of foreigners in our country still strictly implements various regulations. Therefore, the referee department of the Chinese Football Association is likely to further improve the league law enforcement work through business training and ideological guidance. Similar to the reality of Zhang Lei's different standards of law enforcement, the referee management department does not rule out the possibility of exploring internal causes at the psychological level of referees. Compared with the "unified scale", adjusting psychology is more difficult for referees.


It is understood that due to the recent start of the school season of colleges and universities, some referees from the Super League have happened to serve in various schools, and it is difficult to renew the law enforcement game with their units. Therefore, the referees in Dalian and Suzhou are generally tight, and some referees have to work together Two consecutive matches were enforced every day. All this also shows that the current Super League referees are under high work intensity and pressure. While the Chinese Football Association requires them to enforce the law strictly, they also need to protect their bodies and psychology. While the outside world supervises the referees' enforcement work, it is also necessary to give them understanding and tolerance.


Beijing headline reporter Xiao Nan

Beijing headline reporter ξ AO NaN



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