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亚博最新域名-球场三死敌首次携手 意甲私募基金时代起航!

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The three rivals of the stadium join hands for the first time in the era of Serie A private equity funds! Watch the Premier League throw 1.6 billion euros in packaging On the evening of September 28th, Juventus Chairman Agnelli, Inter Milan Chairman Zhang Kangyang, CEO Antonello, AC Milan Chairman Scaloni and CEO Gazidis met at the headquarters of the Milan club. Serie A’s traditional northern three leaders summit. What's the matter? It mainly discusses the selection of Serie A's future development partners and how to maximize the packaging and marketing of Serie A, including television broadcasting, business operations, and market expansion. The Serie A professional league did not organize a club meeting to discuss this matter, but would listen to the opinions of the club. Of course, it is mainly the rich team (standards such as results, number of fans, historical broadcast dividends, etc.). The top three leaders of the North meet first to achieve the first Internal unity, the right to speak for Serie A. This is the first meeting of the top three leaders, requiring the two major competitors to come up with a binding offer before this Friday. On October 9th, 20 Serie A clubs held a referendum to select the winning bidder, who will be the Serie A partner, and then there will be another discussion and vote again on the 12th. The worst may be the "flow standard", no one chooses, Serie A returns to the ancient "old age" of self-management, but public opinion generally believes that the possibility is very small, and self-care is long outdated. It seems that Serie A is about to start a new era of private equity partnerships, with several private equity alliances to package and manage Serie A. There are two benefits: First, the capital is strong, and the "joint fee" for the participation in the Serie A professional league is high. Second, the resources, experience and energy are familiar with the international market, which will help Italians who have high self-esteem and do not know how to market. Make the Serie A trademark bigger and let Serie A achieve a qualitative change close to the Premier League. The second point is also the topic of the three giants of Juventus, Milan and Inter Milan on Monday evening. They reached an agreement to give professional matters to professionals. At present, there are two private equity fund alliances competing for Serie A partners: one is Cvc, Advent, and Fsi. The three alliances offer 1.625 billion euros to acquire 10% of the Serie A alliance. The other is Bain Capital and Neuberger Berman (also Partner of Spanish Mediapro, but Mediapro and Serie A have a public conflict), the same shares are quoted at 1.35 billion euros. In addition to the difference in funding and payment methods, the first alliance headed by Luxembourg Cvc has 5 advantages: 1. The goodwill and cooperation in Serie A lasted for 9 months. At the beginning of this year, contact began before the outbreak of the epidemic. The comer takes up the pit. 2. The cooperation for at least 10 years, the once-and-for-all contract makes Serie A giants more welcome. 3. Reduce middlemen, and plan to let professional media companies be responsible for TV broadcasting and commercial brand promotion. 4. Rich experience. There are cooperation cases with F1 racing, MotoGp motorcycle racing, American Nba and Nfl league, which are also mentioned in the resume. 5. They mentioned in their plan that the Serie B and Serie A should be packaged and promoted, following the Spanish approach, that is, La Liga and La Liga have one package. Think this "single package" is more popular. Cvc wrote in the planning book that it once packaged F2 and F3 formulas and F1 for sale at high prices. Their odds of winning are higher. As for the second alliance led by Bain Capital, Italian media analyzed that its proposal was more strictly financial, and it was at a business disadvantage. The only attraction is the term "minimum guarantee", which has attracted some Serie A chairs, but it also brings doubts and loopholes. What will happen to the value-added profit after receiving the minimum guarantee? It is not conducive to development on a larger scale. The Financial Times reported on August 26 this year that CVC Capital Partners of Luxembourg and Advent International of the United States have joined forces to acquire a minority stake in Serie A. But it seems that it hasn't been completed yet, just bidding. At the beginning of the year, seven different groups made investment proposals for Serie A. Serie A is a sweet pastry, waiting to be bigger and stronger. There are also objections. Lazio Chairman Lotito firmly opposes the entry of private equity funds, saying that their collection is only "temporary" and it is difficult to guarantee the future. The well-known media Private Equity International released a ranking of global private equity institutions in 2017. Blackstone reached the top with a total financing amount of 60 billion US dollars, followed by KKR, Carlyle Group, TPG, WP Warburg Pincus, Advent, Apollo , EnCap, Neuberger, CVC, Bain Capital, Thoma Bravo, Vista Equity Partners, Anbaishen, CD&R. The four companies in the two camps that made offers to Serie A are all in the top 15.

在意甲私募基金时代,体育场的三个竞争对手首次携手共进!观看英超联赛投入16亿欧元的包装计划 9月28日晚,尤文图斯主席阿涅利,国际米兰主席张康阳,首席执行官安东内洛,AC米兰主席斯卡洛尼和首席执行官加济迪斯在米兰俱乐部总部会面。意甲的传统北方三国首脑会议。怎么了? 它主要讨论了意甲未来发展伙伴的选择,以及如何最大限度地提高意甲的包装和营销,包括电视广播,业务运营和市场扩展。意甲职业联赛没有组织俱乐部会议讨论此事,但会听取俱乐部的意见。当然,它主要是富裕的团队(诸如结果,支持者数量,历史广播红利等标准)。北方的前三名领导人首先见面,以实现第一个内部团结,这是意甲的发言权。 这是前三名领导人的第一次会议,要求两个主要竞争对手在本星期五之前提出有约束力的要约。 10月9日,意甲20家俱乐部举行了公投,以选择中标者,他们将成为意甲合作伙伴,然后将在12日进行另一次讨论并再亚博最新域名次投票。最糟糕的可能是“流动标准”,没有人选择,意甲回到了自我管理的古老“老年”,但舆论普遍认为这种可能性很小,自我保健早已过时。似乎意甲联赛即将开始一个新的私募股权合作伙伴关系时代,通过几个私募股权联盟来打包和管理意甲联赛。 有两个好处:第一,资本雄厚,参加意甲职业联赛的“加盟费”很高。其次,资源,经验和精力熟悉国际市场,这将帮助自尊心强,不懂行销的意大利人。使意甲商标更大,并让意甲在英超联赛附近实现质变。第二点也是周一晚上尤文图斯,米兰和国际米兰的三巨头的话题。他们达成了将专业事务交给专业人员的协议。 目前,有两个私募股权基金联盟争夺意甲合作伙伴:一个是Cvc,Advent和Fsi。这三个联盟出价16.25亿欧元,收购意甲10%的股份。另一个是贝恩资本和纽伯格·伯曼(也是西班牙Mediapro的合伙人,但Mediapro和意甲有公开冲突),同样的股票报价为13.5亿欧元。 除了在资金和付款方式上的差异外,以卢森堡Cvc为首的第一个联盟具有5个优势:1.意甲联赛的商誉与合作持续了9个月。在今年年初,疫情爆发之前就开始了接触。弯角占据了坑。 2.至少有10年的合作关系,这是一劳永逸的合同,这使意甲巨头更加受欢迎。 3.减少中间商,并计划让专业媒体公司负责电视广播和商业品牌推广。 4.丰富的经验。简历中还提到了与F1赛车亚博最新域名,MotoGp摩托车赛车,美国Nba和Nfl联赛的合作案例。 5.他们在计划中提到,应该按照西班牙的方法对意甲和意甲进行打包和推广,也就是说,西甲和西甲有一套。认为这种“单个包装”更受欢迎。 Cvc在计划书中写道,它曾经打包F2和F3公式以及F1高价出售。他们获胜的几率更高。 至于由贝恩资本领导的第二个联盟,意大利媒体分析说,它的提议严格来说是财务上的,而且在商业上处于劣势。唯一的吸引力是“最低保证”一词,它吸引了一些意甲主席,但同时也带来了疑问和漏洞。收到最低保证金后,增值利润会怎样?它不利于大规模发展。 英国《金融时报》今年8月26日报道说,卢森堡的CVC资本合伙人和美国的Advent International联手收购了意甲的少数股权。但似乎竞标尚未完成。年初,七个不同的小组对意甲提出了投资建议。意甲是一种甜糕点,正等待做大做强。也有反对意见。拉齐奥主席洛蒂托坚决反对私人股本基金的进入,称其收集只是“临时”的,很难保证未来。 著名媒体《国际私募股权》(Private Equity International)公布了2017年全球私募股权机构排名。黑石集团以600亿美元的融资总额名列榜首,其次是KKR,凯雷集团,TPG,WP Warburg Pincus,Advent,Apollo ,EnCap,Neuberger,CVC,Bain Capital,Thoma Bravo,Vista Equity Partners,Anbaishen,CD&R。在两个阵营中向意甲报价的四家公司都在前15名中。

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