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At 19:35 on October 16th, Beijing time, the first round of the first round of the second stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League, a match in the championship group, Hebei Huaxia Fortune played against Guangzhou Evergrande, the defending champion is expected to kill the promotion suspense in a battle. The two Paulinhos on the field competed on the same field, Micro Motion and Fernando played against their old club. Wei Shihao is expected to come back and break China again. Goolat is absent. Can Malcon score 7 consecutive games?

北京时间10月16日19:35,2020中国超级联赛第二阶段第一轮第一轮,冠军团体赛河北华夏财富与广州恒大对决,卫冕冠军有望在战斗中杀死晋升悬念。场上的两名Paulinhos在同一场比赛,高准和费尔南多对阵他们的老东家。预计魏世豪会回来并再次打破中国。古拉特不在。 Malcon可以连续打入7场比赛吗?

The two teams have had 9 matches in the Super League. Evergrande has 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, scored 18 goals and lost 7 goals. The only loss to China was in the 29th round of 2017. At that time, China had won the championship with a 3-0 home win. Evergrande. In the 4 clashes between the two teams in the last two seasons, Evergrande has won 3 wins and 1 tie, and has won all the last 3 matches. The most recent move was in the 29th round of last season. Paulinho scored twice. Talisca scored 1 goal and 2 assists to help Evergrande win China 3-1. Ravitch headed a goal for China.

两亚博最新域名队在超级联赛中有9场比赛。恒大有7胜1平1负,打进18球,输了7球。中国唯一的损失是在2017年第29轮。当时,中国以3-0的主场获胜赢得了冠军。恒大。在过去两个赛季中两支球队之间的4次交锋中,恒大赢得了3场胜利和1个平局,并且在最近3场比赛中均获得了胜利。最近的一次举动是在上赛季的第29轮。 Paulinho得分了两次。塔利斯卡打进1球和2助攻,帮助恒大3-1赢得中国。 Ravitch率领中国目标。

Before the game, the Asian Gaming Company offered the odds for this campaign, and China Fortune Happiness was given a goal, which shows that all agencies are optimistic about Evergrande's victory. In terms of odds changes, as the game approaches, Evergrande’s winning odds continue to fall. This game can trust Evergrande to win the second stage.


Aspect 1: The disparity in strength. Evergrande's first battle locks the tickets for promotion?


The strength of the two teams is quite different. China won the championship place at the last moment, while Evergrande locked the top spot in the competition early. The history of the two teams' confrontation is also the overwhelming advantage of Evergrande. The only loss is It was caused by not doing everything possible after winning the championship early. Although China has a good frontcourt configuration, the absence of the two cores and the defensive ability of the middle and lower reaches of the Super League makes it difficult for them to challenge the defending champions. They are optimistic about Evergrande's battle to kill suspense.


Point 2: paulinio Civil War


The two Paulinhos, who are 6 years apart, will face each other in this campaign. This is also the first time a Paulinho civil war has occurred in the Super League. Both players are from Brazil, and both are known for their midfielder positions. However, Evergrande's Paulinho tends to be a midfielder, while China's Paulinho is a midfielder and can also serve as a winger on both sides. Paulinho has been famous for many years, not only in China, but also in the European giants such as Tottenham and Barcelona. He ranks second in the Super League (second only to Oscar). This season, the Super League has 9 goals and 2 assists in 14 games; After the little Paulinho experienced the tempering of West Division B and Portugal A, he gradually became famous in the Portuguese Super League. After joining China Fortune this season, Paulinho played 8 games and 1 assist, and his performance was not strong enough. Can this campaign match the big brother?


Aspect 3: Evergrande's two generals will fight the old master?


Although Goulart was unable to play Evergrande, there are two old China Fortune players in the Evergrande array, Fernando and Gao Zhunyi, and there is a high probability that these two players will face the old club as the starters. Micro Motion Wing played for China Fortune for 3 seasons, played 43 games, one step at a time, became the team's main force, and therefore was favored by Evergrande; while Fernando played for China Fortune briefly in the second half of last season. Appeared 10 times, contributed 2 goals and 4 assists. Can the two old Chinese players, especially the small motorcycles at the winger position, be able to take advantage of their old clubs? Fernando once broke the goal of Huaxia in the 2017 season in Chongqing Contemporary away to defeat China Fortune 2-1.

尽管古拉尔特(Goulart)无法出战恒大,但恒大阵容中有两名老中国财富组织的球员,费尔南多(Fernando)和高准仪(Gao Zhunyi),这两名球员极有可能作为先发球员面对老东家。高准公司为《财富》杂志效力了3个赛季,一次踢了43场比赛,成为球队的主力军,因此受到了恒大的青睐。费尔南多在上赛季下半场短暂为《财富》杂志效力。出场10次,贡献2个进球和4个助攻。两位中国老球员,尤其是边锋位置的小型摩托车,能否利用他们的老东家?费尔南多(Fernando)在2017年重庆当代艺术节上打破了华夏的目标,击败中国财富2-1。

Aspect 4: Wei Shao returns to show his sword again?


Wei Shihao, who has recovered from his injury and participated in the national team training camp, has a high probability of returning to the game in this campaign. In the post-Wulei era, the Chinese Super League needs a good local shooter too much. Wei Shihao scored 6 goals in the first 5 rounds of this season, and his performance was amazing, but due to injuries, the last 9 rounds have been waived. His absence also affected Evergrande's offensive firepower to a certain extent. Now that Wei Shao has returned and is expected to return to the starting lineup, can he immediately get back the feeling of scoring? Wei Shao defeated China 2-1 in Evergrande's home game last season. He once scored two goals.


Highlight 5: Goolat is absent. Can Malkang cut in 7 straight?

亮点5:Goolat不在场。 Malkang可以连续砍7分吗?

Compared with Zhang Chengdong’s absence, Goulart’s absence has a greater impact on Huaxia’s happiness. In the first 14 rounds, he averaged 44 passes per game, ranking third in the team, second only to Mimi and Ren Hang, which is nothing for China. Doubtful organizational core, although the data of 3 goals and 1 assist is not eye-catching, Goolat's 1.3 threat passes per game is even the first in the China team. Without the feeding of Golat, it is really unknown whether Malcon, who scored six consecutive rounds after the first stage, can continue his continuous scoring momentum.

与张承东的缺席相比,古拉特的缺席对华夏的幸福影响更大。在前14轮中,他平均每场44次传球,在全队排名第三,仅次于Mimi和Ren Hang,这对中国来说算不上什么。令人怀疑的组织核心,尽管3个进球和1个助攻的数据并不引人注目,但Goolat的场均1.3次威胁传球甚至是中国队的第一。在没有戈拉特的情况下,真正未知的是在第一阶段之后连续六轮得分的马尔康能否继续获得连续得分的动力。

Xie Feng (Head Coach of China Fortune Land Development): The opponents in the second stage are much stronger in terms of strength and all aspects. In particular, our first opponent is Guangzhou Evergrande, which has won 8 championships. Big strength is indeed stronger than us, including foreign aid, including naturalized players. If arranged, they may only need 5 domestic players, and the absence of Gao Lat and Zhang Chengdong also affects our overall strength. In the two rounds of the game, we need to do our best on both offensive and defensive ends, and with a little luck, we can eliminate the opponent.


Cannavaro (Head coach of Evergrande): It will be very difficult to play against Hebei Huaxia Fortune. It was often emphasized before that the results achieved in the first stage have been cleared. The second stage of the competition system is a knockout system, two rounds of competition, more like a cup competition, continental competition. The team members and I emphasize that there can be no relaxation. Hebei performed very well in the first stage, with a relatively high offensive ranking. Entering this kind of competition system, we must not neglect the slightest, we must face every game with the most serious attitude.






Hebei China Fortune: Zhang Chengdong (due to injury), Gao Lat (avoided)


Guangzhou Evergrande: None


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