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On October 19th, Beijing time, the fifth round of the Eredivisie games ended. Ajax beat Heerenveen; PSV Eindhoven jumped to the top of the list with two consecutive victories, Gotze scored in his first show; Groningen stunned Utrecht, Robben came back as a substitute; and Alkmaar for three consecutive rounds The opponent was flat.

北京时间10月19日,第五届Eredivisie比赛结束。阿贾克斯击败海伦芬;埃因霍温(PSV Eindhoven)连续两场胜利跃居榜首,戈兹(Gotze)在他的第一场比赛中就进球了。格罗宁根(Groningen)惊呆了乌得勒支(Utrecht),罗本(Robben)代替了他。和阿尔克马尔连续三轮比赛对手持平。

In the 26th minute of the first half, Ngongo assisted and Bakari scored with a low shot from the right. In the 36th minute, Waters kicked Van der Water in the penalty area. The referee awarded a penalty but Flott The penalty kick was saved by Lamplu. In the second half, Almero Hercules launched a fierce attack on the visiting team, but Valwijk's three armies used their lives to keep the gates intact. In the end, Valwijk defeated Almero Hercules 1-0 and took away three points.

在上半场的第26分钟,Ngongo助攻了比赛,Bakari从右侧低射得分。在第36分钟,沃特斯在禁区内踢亚博最新消息出范德沃特。裁判员判罚点球,但弗洛特罚球被兰普鲁保存。下半场,阿尔梅罗·大力士对来访队发动了猛烈进攻,但瓦尔维克的三支军队用自己的生命使城门完好无损。最终,瓦尔维克(Valwijk)1-0击败了阿尔梅罗·赫尔克里士(Almero Hercules),获得了3分。

Alkmaar, who was counted down by Sittard and Sparta Rotterdam in the previous two consecutive rounds, was once again dramatically tied by his opponent. In the first 2 minutes of the game, Karlsson's cross passed directly over the goalkeeper's ten fingers to hang into the goal; in the 24th minute, Jonas Svensson made a header pass and Stens made a slight adjustment and blasted the goal; 41st. In minutes, Jonas Svensson shoveled John and was sent off by the referee. Alkmaar led 2-0 at halftime. In the second half, Alkmaar, who played less than one player, persisted until the 86th minute. Using a corner kick, Van Croy assisted Lin Soest to get a header; only 2 minutes later, Indi knocked down Gia in a corner kick defense. Koumakis, the referee awarded a penalty kick, Gia Koumakis himself took the penalty and equalized the score. In the end, the ten Alkmaar were tied 2-2 by Venlo at home. They played one game less and all four rounds were tied.

在之前的连续两轮比赛中,锡克德和斯巴达鹿特丹都将阿尔克马尔推倒了脚步,但他的对手再次被并列。在比赛的前2分钟,卡尔森的传中球直接越过守门员的十个手指挂在球门上。第24分钟,乔纳斯·斯文森(Jonas Svensson)头球通过,斯滕斯(Stens)稍作调整,就射门得分。第41名几分钟后,乔纳斯·史文森(Jonas Svensson)铲起约翰,被裁判员罚下。中场休息时阿尔克马尔以2-0领先。下半场,出场不到1名的阿尔克马尔坚持到了第86分钟。范·克罗伊(Van Croy)用角球协助林·索斯特(Lin Soest)头球。仅2分钟后,印度人就在角球防守中击倒了Gia。裁判员Koumakis判罚点球,Gia Koumakis亲自判罚并平分。最终,十名阿尔克马尔人在家中被芬洛2-2并列。他们少打了一场比赛,所有四回合并列。

In just 2 minutes of the opening, Cerny sent a wonderful through pass, Brazilian teenager Danilo helped Twente lead away, and the score of 0-1 was also maintained to midfield. At the beginning of the second half, Danilo assisted Osterwold to make another move; in the 59th minute, Eboeisi’s cross hit Nelom’s arm. The referee gave a penalty after watching the replay. Danilo Ruit's hit was saved by Ruit, and then he scored a volley and scored twice. In the end, Twente won 3-0 away from William II and continued to remain unbeaten in the league.

开场仅2分钟,塞尔尼就传出了精彩的传球,巴西小将达尼洛帮助特温特取得领先,比分0-1也亚博最新域名保持在中场。下半场开始时,达尼洛(Danilo)亚博最新消息协助奥斯特沃尔德(Osterwold)采取了进一步行动。在第59分钟,Eboeisi的传中击中了Nelom的手臂。裁判员观看了比赛录像,判处了点球。达尼洛·鲁伊特(Danilo Ruit)的命中由鲁伊特(Ruit)挽救,然后他打出凌空抽射,得分两次。最终,特温特(Wwente)从威廉二世(William II)以3-0获胜,并继续保持联赛不败的状态。

Sparta Rotterdam, who chased Alkmaar for four consecutive goals in the last round, continued their good performance this round. Towards the end of the first half, Boguiz took the side, Harps dunked the defender and then took a low shot with his right foot to break the deadlock. Feyenoord led 1-0. In the second half, in the 50th minute, Spagic tripped Alui on the edge of the penalty area. The referee gave a penalty after being confirmed by VAR. Lennart Ti took the penalty and tied the score. After Feyenoord had the absolute advantage in possession of the ball, but did not complete a kick to hit the goal frame range, and finally they shook hands with Sparta Rotterdam 1-1 at home. However, this 1 point did not let Sparta Rotterdam get rid of the bottom of the league.

上一轮追逐阿尔克马尔连续四个进球的鹿特丹斯巴达(Sparta Rotterdam)在本轮比赛中继续表现出色。上半场快要结束时,博吉斯(Boguiz)站到了一边,哈普斯(Harps)扣篮得分后卫,然后右脚低射打破僵局。费耶诺德1-0领先。下半场,第50分钟,Spagic在禁区边缘跳投了Alui。经VAR确认后,裁判员判罚。伦纳特·蒂(Lennart Ti)点球并得分。在费耶诺德(Feyenoord)拥有控球的绝对优势之后,却没有踢出一脚射门得分,最后他们与斯巴达(Sparta Rotterdam)1-1在家握手。但是,这一分并没有让鹿特丹斯巴达摆脱联盟的底层。

Heerenveen did a good job with four wins and one tie at the beginning of the season, but they swallowed a disastrous defeat against the giants Ajax. In the 4th minute, Kudos took the side, and Tadic scored the goal with a kick after an inside cut. In the 24th minute, Tadic's cross hit Floranus's arm and the referee gave a penalty after being prompted by VAR. , Tadic made a steady penalty; in the 35th minute, Graven Belch assisted, Kudos turned to cold shot to expand the score, Ajax had a 3-0 lead in the first half. In the 66th minute, Van Bergen made a cross from the right, Henk-Fellman pulled a goal back; in the 70th minute, Kongolo pulled Traore in the penalty area, VAR recognized the penalty again and Graven Belch took the penalty Hit; in the 87th minute, in the counterattack, Anthony, who came off the bench, went all the way into the penalty area and scored with his left foot to rewrite the score to 5-1. In the end, Ajax beat Heerenveen at home.

赛季初,海伦芬取得了四胜一平的成绩,但是他们吞下了对巨人阿贾克斯的惨败。第4分钟,工藤(Kudos)站到了一边,塔迪奇(Tadic)内切后任意球射门得分。在第24分钟,Tadic的传中击中Floranus的手臂,在VAR的提示下,裁判员判罚点球。 ,Tadic处以稳定的罚款;第35分钟,贝尔文(Graven Belch)助攻,库多斯(Kudos)转身冷射扩大比分,阿贾克斯(Ajax)在上半场以3-0领先。第66分钟,范·伯格根从右边开出一个传中,亨克-费尔曼将球门推回。在第70分钟,Kongolo在禁区内拉Traore,VAR再次认出点球,Graven Belch接了点球Hit。第87分钟,在反击中,替补席上出现的安东尼(Anthony)一直进入禁区,用左脚得分,将比分改写为5-1。最后,阿贾克斯在家中击败了海伦芬。

In the 32nd minute, Oponda's shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, and Broya then scored a supplementary shot. In the 44th minute of the game, Tannani collided with the opposing players while running without the ball, and both fell to the ground. The referee did not say, then Tannani complained loudly that the referee received a yellow card, but he did not stop because of his lack of calm , Then the referee took out the second yellow card and sent him off. In the second half, The Hague, who played one more man, failed to equalize the score. Instead, Broia made another victory in an attack launched by his opponent's long pass. In the end, Ten Waiters defeated The Hague 2-0 in the away game and successfully entered the top three of the league.


In the 9th minute, Lymans returned the goalkeeper too weak. The former Bayern and Dortmund star Gotze, who had just joined the team, swiftly intercepted, accepted the gift and scored his first goal on behalf of PSV. In the 18th minute, Philippe Max made a reverse triangle cross from the left, and Gakpo pushed the goal. In the 30th minute, Philippe Max slipped in the backcourt. Kouchanejad broke into the penalty area and was tackled by Baumgatl. The referee awarded a penalty kick, but Kouchanejad personally took the penalty and was saved by Mwogo. Out. In the 39th minute, Gakpo crossed and Mullen made a slight adjustment to score the goal, turning the score to 3-0. Both sides did nothing in the second half. In the end, PSV defeated Zwolle 3-0 away, leading the standings temporarily with four wins and one draw.

在第9分钟,莱曼斯(Lymans)让守门员过于虚弱。刚加入球队的前拜仁和多特蒙德球星格策迅速被拦截,接受了这份礼物并代表PSV打进了自己的第一个进球。在第18分钟,菲利普·马克斯(Philippe Max)从左路传出一个倒三角形的十字,加科普将球踢出。在第30分钟,菲利普·马克斯(Philippe Max)在后场滑倒。 Kouchanejad闯入禁区,亚博最新消息被鲍姆加特(Baumgatl)铲除。裁判员判罚点球,但库沙内贾德亲自判罚并被姆沃戈解围。出来在第39分钟,Gakpo越过,Mullen稍作调整就得分,将比分改写为3-0。双方在下半场均无所作为。最后,埃因霍温3-0击败兹沃勒,以4胜1平的成绩暂时领先积分榜。

PSV's former Guangzhou R&F striker Zahawi missed the game due to a confirmed new crown.


Groningen, who defeated Ajax in the last round, played a fair game. They hit the goal with 16 feet in the game, and only one shot was within the range of the goal frame, and finally battled with Utrecht 0-0. Former Bayern star Robben, who returned from injury, replaced Lundquist in the 76th minute of the game and did not score a goal.


In the 18th minute, the defensive player slipped and Lisandro Semedo assisted Porte to get the first goal. Five minutes later, Semedo’s wonderful curve shot went straight to the dead corner and Sittard was lucky to lead 2-0 . In the second half, in the 51st minute, Kavren made a cross, but Koselev failed to hit the ball far, and Raulson followed up with a supplementary shot to score; in the 60th minute, Kavren made a cross from the wing, and Deleu followed up in front of the goal. Grab a goal and tie the score. In the end Eamon was lucky for a 2-2 draw with Sittard at home.

在第18分钟,防守球员滑倒,利桑德罗·塞梅多(Lisandro Semedo)协助Porte取得了第一个进球。五分钟后,Semedo精彩的弧线直射到死角,而Sittard幸运地以2-0领先。下半场,在第51分钟,卡夫伦传中,但科瑟列夫没能远投,劳尔森随后补射得分。在第60分钟,卡夫伦从边路传中,德勒乌追上了球门。抓住一个目标并得分。最终,埃蒙很幸运地与锡塔德在家中以2-2战平。

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