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After the country vigorously promoted the "street stall economy", the stall culture and the stall economy became buzzwords, and many people began to eagerly say that it is time to show the real technology, and netizens issued various "stalling secrets". Up to now, including Shanghai, Jinan and Nanning, 27 localities have set up regulatory points to encourage the market economy. Many people should remember that outside the home of the Super 16 team, the stall economy was once a beautiful landscape.

在国家大力推广“街边档位经济”之后,档位文化和档位经济成为流行语,许多人开始热切地表示该是展示真正技术的时候了,网民们发布了各种各样的“陈腐秘诀”。到目前为止,包括上海,济南和南宁在内的27个地区已经建立了监管点来鼓励市场经济。许多人应该记住,在Super 16车队之外,失速经济曾经是一片美丽的风景。

Outside every Chinese Super League stadium, there are vendors selling jerseys, and the price is so low that you can't imagine it. For example, outside Evergrande’s home stadium, the cheapest jersey is 15 yuan, in Tianjin, one is about 30 yuan, outside of Guoan’s home stadium, one is 50 yuan, and at Luneng’s home Olympics, one is less than 40 yuan.


Mixed with the cries of "You can't buy it, you can't be fooled," and "The last two pieces, whoever buys it is suitable", the jersey stand is often the hottest spot.


Business is a willingness to buy or sell, but someone will always ask this question when buying a jersey: Is this true?


Such a problem will inevitably be met with a blind eye. If the seller is busy, he may not pay attention to you, and he will inevitably give you a few words if he is not busy.


Northeast sellers may say: What's wrong? Brother, the donkey kicked his head. What do you think about 20 yuan?


Sellers in Tianjin will say: Sister, do you take my morning pleasure? You don’t seem to understand. Selling your apartment for 30 yuan, can you shrink it?


Sellers in Beijing will say: lad, don’t understand this, don’t stand in the way if you don’t sell it.


Sellers in Guangzhou will say: Why do you have to distinguish the true from the false? It looks so good when you wear it. Who would say the fake?


Sellers in Jinan will say: Don't jump up, Dani, avoid me, you are bored.


Sellers in Shanghai will say: Allah’s clothes are well dripped, you have to counter-offer, and your mind is broken!


It is in this atmosphere that bothers and jokes with you, the Chinese Supermarket’s stall culture and stall economy have been flourishing. And whether it is a lot of boys who bring their girlfriends for the first time, or long-term loyal loyalists, they will not be stingy with these dozens of dollars. They often have to buy a scarf and a small cheering banner.


There is no doubt that the issue of piracy and copycat jerseys will damage the rights of clubs and team sponsors. For example, when Bayern Club President Rummenigge came to China in 2015, he complained about piracy and copycat jerseys. He hoped that there would be a way to punish.


But in another case, if the fan clothes are sold, copyright issues are not involved. The cost is often lower, and the price is even cheaper than a box lunch.


For example, in the home game between Evergrande and Tianhai in 2019, Evergrande Club gave out fan uniforms for free, causing fans to rob them. According to the staff, these jerseys are not Nike jerseys, but Evergrande fan uniforms. 20 yuan a piece. Therefore, in the future, street vendors outside the stadium of the Super League may consider selling fan uniforms instead of selling pirated jerseys.


In addition, with the prevalence of street culture, this kind of fan clothes with various slogans has been selling hot in recent years.


The stall businesses around the Super League can be roughly divided into several categories: one is small businesses, one is students working part-time to make some money, and the other is special people, such as some elderly people, some deaf and dumb people, they make money Every dollar is for a living.


In summary, these Chinese Supermarket stalls are not easy. They are not the rich second-generation to experience life, nor are they company executives. They are all ordinary people. They are struggling to survive just to survive. Although some of them are not even familiar with football, it does not prevent them from gaining respect.


Once in Tianjin, whether it’s the Minyuan Garden, TEDA Stadium, Water Drop, or Haihe Education Park Stadium, for many years I have seen a man who can’t speak and gesticulate, selling some products around speakers and scarves. Some people will buy something, then wave their hands and say that they don't need to find it, feeling that a few dollars are unnecessary, or with some alms. But this guy will always chase after him, giving the remaining money to the other party.


According to friends, there are such a group of people in many home games of the Super League. They may not be so lucky by nature, but they are working hard and never stop moving forward.


There have been heart-warming stories on every stand outside the Super League.


On August 13, 2015, after the explosion accident in Tianjin Binhai New Area, Guoan Captain Xu Yunlong rushed to Tianjin to give warmth to the families of the fire martyrs. Many Guoan fans also rushed to help, and sent "Tianjin Come on". In the 29th round of the Chinese Super League, TEDA played against Guoan at home. The two teams had been closed for many years to open the visiting team stands, and the verbal abuse that was once turned into cheer and encouragement.


Before the game, the scarves and jerseys of the visiting team Guoan were also extremely rare on the stalls outside the TEDA Drop Stadium, which triggered many TEDA fans to buy them. The Tianjin TV station interviewed at the time also captured the story of a street stall owner who learned that some TEDA fans were going to buy a few scarfs of the team and gave them to Beijing fans to express their gratitude. He said that he didn’t need any money and gave them directly. fan.

比赛开始前,来访的国安队的围巾和球衣在TEDA Drop体育馆外的摊位上也极为罕见,这吸引了许多TEDA球迷购买。当时接受采访的天津电视台还捕捉到一个街头小摊主的故事,他得知一些泰达球迷将购买球队的几条围巾,并向北京球迷表示感谢。他说他不需要任何钱,直接给了他们。风扇。

Such a similar warmth or ordinary event may be staged on every Chinese Super League match day. Although the plot is slightly different, this ordinary trivial matter and the same plot will always move us.


Of course, the Super League’s stall economy is far more than just jerseys and fan uniforms. With reference to the overseas league model, in recent years, the Chinese Super League has sold more and more product styles outside the home stadium. From dolls to team magazines, from key chains to turbans, mugs, and more.


In 2012, Guoan team publications published by Guoan and a magazine were highly sought after because of their excellent content. Currently, the complete sets of Guoan team publications on the Internet have also been priced high.


The first Chinese Super League team to launch a team publication should be Shanghai Shenhua. It was in 2003, the last year of A-A. Nowadays, with the standardization of operations, many clubs including Guangzhou Evergrande and Tianjin TEDA have published team publications. It is sold around the stadium before the game. The price is not expensive. It is popular with fans and has collection value.


From the time of the A-A period, the production of exquisite team flags, to now only you can't think of, there is no surrounding team that can't be sold, showing the rapid economic development.


Although you can receive a lot of news and purchase a lot of items with a mobile phone in your hand, these related products can still arouse people's interest in buying outside the stadium. This may be the charm of the economy of the stadium.


Although the focus of the Super League’s attention is often on the court, but outside the court, but in front of the stalls full of jerseys, people who meet will meet again.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, the start date of the Chinese Super League has been pushed again and again. There are currently three theories, one is at the end of June, the other is in mid-July, and then in September.


Regardless of when it starts, the original competition system of the Chinese Super League has been changed, and it has been confirmed. The competition system and the uncertainty of whether the game is empty or not have made the past popular Chinese Supermarket stall culture will definitely be absent in 2020.


Outside the stadium that was once noisy and lively, carrying passion and blood, now it is silent, and only people wearing masks pass by quickly. A sudden epidemic has hit Chinese football equally severely. In addition to the postponed league, the awaited fans also feel helpless.


But the sunshine is always after the storm, waiting for the Super League to fully recover, the Super League's stall economy will return again, in addition to the fierce competition, this scenery is also exciting.


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