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Italy is skilled at abuse of food, this morning warm-up match at the Florence Francis Stadium, using the second team 6-0 Moldova. Mancini coached the national team's 15th win in 22 games, winning 68%, coaching 20 games + the highest winning percentage of the national football coach! Following the 6-0 and 5-0 Liechtenstein, 9-1 Armenia, the fourth big score. In the Mancho era, he lost only 2 games. In 2018, the friendly match between France and the UEFA Europa League was 1 to 3 and Portugal was 0 to 1 away.

意大利擅长滥用食物,今天上午在佛罗伦萨弗朗西斯球场进行了热身赛,第二阵容6-0摩尔多瓦。曼奇尼(Mancini)在22场比赛中执教国家队第15场胜利,赢得68%,执教20场比赛+国家足球教练的最高获胜率!继6-0和5-0列支敦士登之后,亚美尼亚9-1排名第四。在曼乔时代,他只输了2场比赛。 2018年,法国与欧洲足联欧洲联赛之间的友谊赛为1比3,葡萄牙为0比1。

Mancini has recruited 70 players in more than 2 years, of which 26 have completed their national team debuts, the ratio is more than 1/3. In 22 games, 26 different players scored! On average, 1 new shooter emerges per game. In addition to the opponent's own own and Shalawei who scored twice, the three goalkeepers were all national team first goals: Sassuolo's Caputo and Berardi, and Rome midfielder Cristante ( Best in the audience).


For the first time in the national team, Shalawi played a total of 6 goals, and it was the first time he wore the captain's armband in 26 games for the country. There are other reasons. I have been training alone for a month, the Super League has been suspended, and will only start in February next year." This is a deliberate change of topic, never mentioning the second phase of the Super League in the middle of this month. Failed to return to Rome, the media disclosed that in addition to the annual salary (at least 4 million to scare Rome), there are still problems with the method. Shenhua refuses to rent for free until the end of June next year, and currently only accepts loans until early next year.


Center Caputo scored in his national team's debut at the age of 33 and 62 days, setting the oldest record for Italian debut goals! There were too many people who made contributions in the first show, such as Meazza, Gran Mazzola, Zinaglia, Vieri, Cassano, etc. Under Lippi, there were De Rossi, Lucarelli, and Pelisier. , Pacini, Mattli, the main double striker Pelle Edel in the Conte era, and Ocaka, and Pavoletti and Osolini in the Mancho era. Mancini hopes that Caputo will become Schirachi of the 1990 World Cup, and his substitute status will shine in the competition. "Caputo's ability to avoid the entanglement of defenders in a small space and step out to grab points reminds me of Paul Rossi and Inzaghi. ."

卡普托中锋在33和62天的国家队首场比赛中就进球了,创下了意大利首个进球的最高纪录!在首场演出中做出过贡献的人太多,例如Meazza,Gran Mazzola,Zinaglia,Vieri,Cassano等。在Lippi之下,有De Rossi,Lucarelli和Pelisier。 ,帕西尼(Pacini),马特利(Mattli),孔戴(Conte)时代的主要双重前锋佩尔·埃德尔(Pelle Edel),以及曼乔时代(Mancho)的奥卡卡(Ocaka),帕沃莱蒂(Pavoletti)和奥索里尼(Osolini)。曼奇尼希望卡普托能成为1990年世界杯的席拉奇,他的替补地位将在比赛中大放异彩。 “卡普托人有能力避免在狭小的空间内陷入防守者的纠缠,并能抢到要点,这让我想起了保罗·罗西和因扎吉。”

Caputo has become a late bloomer in the past three years. In 2018-19, he scored 16 goals in Empoli Serie A and the team was relegated and transferred. Last season, he set a personal peak of 21 goals in Serie A in Sassuolo, winning a bet with Piero-reaching 20 goals, and Piero paid for him to eat at a famous Milan restaurant. This season, 3 games, 3 goals and 1 assist are temporarily tied with Inter Milan Lautaro and Atlanta Gomez for the top scorer.


Caputo’s idol is Piero


With a word from Mancho, the media immediately put Caputo and Inzaghi together


The coach declined to comment on Shalawi. The little Pharaoh hasn't had club competitions for several months, and it will be difficult to secure his position next year, and the possibility of playing the European Cup is slim. Mancho recruited 34 people this time and actually reported 27 people. The Juventus double central defenders, Chiellini and Bonucci were approved by the Turin Health Bureau last night. After the isolation, they can go to the national team and will participate in the next two European League games.


Mancho made a 433 formation to investigate the bench and build the team. Viola's new aid Bonaventura crosses No. 10 (due to Sine’s absence due to injury), implements tactical drills on the underdogs, holds the ball and changes the formation 3223, right back Lazari (the main right-back of Lazio 352, with strong offensive power) leans up like a winger, forming a trident with Salavi Caputo; Bonaventura Berardi is the same as the midfielder, Christian Te-Locatelli double-organized midfielder; Biraghi is on the left of the three central defenders, and the other two defenders, G. Mancini and Archerby, play a three-back formation at the club.

曼乔组成了433编队,以研究替补席并组建团队。 Viola的新助攻Bonaventura越过了第10名(由于Sine因受伤缺席),对弱者实施了战术演练,持球并改变了编队3223,右后卫Lazari(Lazio 352的主要右后卫,进攻性很强力量)像边锋一样俯身,与萨拉维·卡普托(Salavi Caputo)形成三叉戟; Bonaventura Berardi与中场球员Christian Te-Locatelli双重组织的中场球员相同;比拉吉(Biraghi)亚博最新域名在三名中后卫的左边,另外两名后卫G.曼奇尼(G. Mancini)和阿切比(Archerby)在俱乐部打三分卫。

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