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   Article source: Beijing Youth Daily


On October 2, UAE media reported that the 2020 Club World Cup, originally scheduled to be held in Doha, Qatar, in December this year is likely to be cancelled due to European football’s concerns about FIFA’s arrangements for this event until next year. Objections to the various plans held at the beginning. The media also announced that the first FIFA Club World Cup after the expansion planned to be held in China next summer may also be held in a different location.


  Relatively speaking, what deserves the attention of the Chinese football community and fans is whether the following piece of information is true. After all, the hosting rights for the first Club World Cup after the restructuring were hard-won. In terms of logic and reason, the host preparations and organizers of the event will never give up at will.






   After FIFA held its 70th General Assembly on September 18, its chairman Infantino made it clear at a press conference that the Club World Cup originally scheduled to be held in Doha in December this year has not been cancelled. At that time, he said, "Many continents' club events only ended in December this year, and individual events may not be completed within the year, and they will not end until January next year. Therefore, the current club World Cup that was originally scheduled to be held in Qatar in December may not be completed. Proceed as scheduled."


   FIFA is currently still studying a new plan to choose a suitable alternative start time and format for the game. However, according to the UAE media, the negotiation between FIFA and the football federations of all continents is not progressing smoothly, and its plan is opposed by UEFA and European football. This is because according to the alternative proposed by FIFA, the latest club World Cup will be held in February next year, but UEFA’s schedule for the UEFA Champions League at that time has been finalized, and Bayern, who represents Europe in the Club World Cup The Munich team also participates in the Bundesliga, so they can't get out of Doha.


   The 2020 Club World Cup originally planned to be held at the end of this year is the last event to be participated by the championship teams of clubs from all continents, with a total of 7 teams participating. According to the decision made by FIFA at the Shanghai Council meeting in October last year, the first club World Cup, which will be expanded to 24 teams, is scheduled to be held in China in the summer of 2021. However, affected by the epidemic, it was originally scheduled to be held in Europe this year. The Cup and America's Cup will be postponed to the same period in 2021, and FIFA has to decide to postpone the Club World Cup next year.


   At present, FIFA and the organizing committees of the competitions have not responded to this rumor.


   From this point of view, it is relatively more likely that the game will be postponed until later in 2021.


   Although the UAE media reported that the content has yet to be verified, it is affected by the epidemic.






   If the 2021 Club World Cup is scheduled for the end of next year, then the challenges and difficulties for the host are still not small. For example, my country has a vast territory, and the seasons between the north and the south are very different. If the game is scheduled to be held at the end of November and December, it will be difficult for some northern cities in my country to host the event. Especially if the weather is cold, whether the venue and climatic conditions can meet the needs of the game, all parties need to think carefully.








   FIFA obviously needs to negotiate with China on this issue, but from the actual situation, among the above three time periods, the two candidate times of 2022 and 2023 are not ideal.


   As we all know, my country will host the Winter Olympics in early 2022. It is self-evident that the country attaches great importance to the hosting of this event. In September of that year, Hangzhou of my country will also host the Asian Games. If the World Club Cup is interspersed between these two major international sports events, the pressure on China will be unprecedented.


   Another issue worthy of attention is that the Qatar World Cup will be held in 2022. Infantino has repeatedly emphasized in the press conference held after the FIFA Congress in mid-September this year that the hosting of the World Cup is the top priority of FIFA’s work, and that it will ensure World Cup qualifiers on all continents in any case. Finish the game smoothly to ensure the smooth progress of the Qatar World Cup in November and December 2022. If FIFA re-hosted the Club World Cup in the summer of the same year, there would be a "schedule conflict" with the arrangements for the World Preliminaries on all continents. If the Club World Cup "squeeze" is held this year, it will inevitably aggravate the contradiction between the club and the national team about employment.





   Another important issue that cannot be ignored is that in 2023, FIFA will also implement the re-election work including the presidential election. Earlier, FIFA has decided that in order to avoid conflict with the World Cup, the FIFA general election will be postponed to one year after the "World Cup Year" so that the World Cup can be held during the four-year term of the FIFA President.


   The launch of the newly expanded Club World Cup is one of Infantino’s “political achievements” during the second term of the chairmanship. The holding of the event will bring huge economic benefits to FIFA, which is also an important weight for Infantino to seek re-election. Once the event is postponed to 2023, it may also adversely affect Infantino's own campaign.


By Xiao Nan and Wang Haozhou

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