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With the end of the 14th round of the Suzhou Division, the first round of the Chinese Super League championship group has come to the fore. The contest between Guoan and Luneng, judging from the strength of the two teams and the history of the fight, the two sides are almost half-hearted, and it is also the most suspenseful first round. Duel. Even in the Shanghai Derby of SIPG and Shenhua, SIPG not only squeezed its opponents in the same city with its lineup, but also completely dominated its recent matches. Under the two-round competition system, there is little suspense. Evergrande is facing China and Suning is facing Chongqing. The two teams are relatively less suspenseful.


A1 (Guangzhou Evergrande) VS B4 (Hebei Huaxia Fortune)

A1 (Guangzhou ever感染的) vs B4 (Hebe IH UA下fortune)

A2 (江苏苏宁易购)VS B3(重庆当代)

A2 (江苏苏宁易购)VS B3(重庆当代)

A3(山东鲁能)VS B2(北京国安)

A3(山东鲁能)VS B2(北京国安)

A4(上海申花)VS B1(上海上港)

A4(上海申花)VS B1(上海上港)

As the defending champion, Evergrande won the first place in Group A of the death group without a bloody sword. In the first round of the championship group, it not only avoided SIPG and Guoan, but also pinched a relatively weak opponent, China Fortune. But under the knockout system, the other half of Evergrande’s matchup is Luneng vs. Guoan, which is also the potential two opponents in the semifinals. In the half area where SIPG is located, in addition to the first-round opponent Shenhua, there is also Suning Tesco, a strong team. As the 4th place last season and the 2nd place in Group A this season, Suning Tesco's strength is anything Championship teams should not be underestimated.


In the first round of the competition for the championship group, due to the relatively weak strength of Chongqing and China in Group B, and it is likely that there will be changes in the allocation of foreign aid, and it is a reduction in allocation, Evergrande and Suning Tesco have a relatively large pass. It can even be said "Direct" top 4. But for SIPG, Shenhua, Luneng and Guoan, it is relatively difficult to pass the customs, especially the match between Beijing and Lu, which is a hand-to-hand battle with bayonet.


Of course, after the first round of the duel, entering the top 4 competition, as Chongqing and China can not make it through the first round, the competition will become more intense. Evergrande, Shanghai SIPG and Guoan have all chanted their slogans for the championship this season, while Suning Tesco and Shenhua are looking forward to getting the AFC seats, especially Shenhua, who is out of the FA Cup as the defending champion, and only the Chinese Super League is left. Go all the way to get the AFC Champions League places. When there are unknowns in the next matches of the FA Cup, the top 3 in the Super League can ensure the AFC seats.


It can be said that except for Chongqing and China, which are relegated in advance and wantless, the other 6 teams will face cruel competition. Each round of competition is a battle of life and death, and the team that ultimately wants to win the championship will be the third round of the second stage. A game, no one can be relieved.


The Beijing-Lu battle between Guoan and Luneng is a traditional event in the Chinese Super League. As two of the three veteran giants in the Chinese Super League, although they are not in the same group in the first stage, the first round of the championship group meets, which can be regarded as making up for it. regret. Although in terms of lineup, the Yulin Army, which is sitting on foreign aid + naturalization group, has a slight advantage, but from the historical point of view, Luneng is completely in the upper hand. The two factors add up, the match between Jinglu and Lu is definitely half a catastrophe, which team It is not too strange to advance to the top 4.


In the Chinese Super League era, since the 2004 League Cup, the two sides have played a total of 43 times. Guoan has 10 wins, 16 draws and 17 losses. Even from the 2018 season when Guoan returned to the championship group, the two sides have played nearly 7 times. In regular time, only 1 win, 4 draws and 2 losses were achieved. Of course, what should be explained is that in the 2018 FA Cup final, Guoan won the championship by virtue of the advantage of more away goals in the two rounds. In the last round of the 2019 season, Guoan won 3-2 narrowly, which is nearly 4 years in the past. Faced with Luneng's only regular time victory, the last time Luneng was defeated in a straightforward manner was the first leg of the 2016 Super League.


Luneng has the upper hand in the psychological aspect, and has also won the title of "Guoan Nemesis". However, Luneng’s two methods to restrain Guoan are side passes and high-altitude operations. They are already well known by their opponents. In this encounter of the team, new techniques and tactics are bound to appear.


SIPG and Shenhua’s Shanghai Derby have played 17 times since the 2013 season. SIPG has 9 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses. In 2017, Shenhua was double-killed by SIPG for the first time. In the last 8 matches between the two sides, SIPG has 7 wins and 1 loss. However, SIPG's loss in the first round of the 2017 FA Cup final made the team finally be defeated by Shenhua and missed the title of FA Cup champion. For three consecutive seasons, the Super League has achieved a double play against Shenhua, and only allowed Shenhua to score 3 goals, with a goal-to-loss ratio of as high as 20-3. From this perspective, SIPG has an absolute advantage.

自2013赛季以来,SIPG和神华的上海德比已经上场17次。 SIPG有9胜4平4负。 2017年,神华首次被SIPG双重杀害。在双方之间的最后八场比赛中,SIPG取得7胜1负。然而,SIPG在2017年足总杯决赛的第一轮失利使球队最终被申花击败并错过了足总杯冠军的头衔。中超联赛已经连续三个赛季与申花队取得了两胜,并且只允许申花队打进3球,进球数与进球数之比高达20-3。从这个角度来看,SIPG具有绝对优势。

After replacing Ahmedov with Mui, SIPG’s foreign aid lineup has been upgraded again. If only the foreign aid lineup is compared, SIPG is more fearful than Evergrande and Guoan. Shenhua’s lineup will not change much when entering the championship group. Cui Kangxi’s available manpower is the current lineup. The only thing that can be expected during the intermittent period is that all the injured numbers will be restored to health, so as to complete the second place. stage.


Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG each guard the half area. The former has the configuration of super foreign aid + naturalized army, and the latter has the strongest foreign aid 5-man team in the Super League. From this perspective, Evergrande and Shanghai SIPG will compete in the finals. The most likely final battle after the championship quotas are released. However, with the exception of Chongqing and China, the rest of the teams that enter the championship group will probably not give up the possibility of savoring the taste of the championship under the special season and special competition system.


Evergrande has passed the first round. Whether facing Guoan or Luneng in the semifinals, it is not easy to mess with. Luneng had the experience of beating Evergrande in the first stage. The AFC knockout match last season also made Cannavaro's The team was shocked in a cold sweat. Guoan has the strongest firepower combination in the first stage. Even if Guoan faces Evergrande, Alan will evade, but Bakambu, Augusto, and Biella, supplemented by Zhang Yuning and Zhang Xizhe's staffing, Hengda There is no absolute certainty that it will pass.


SIPG faces Shenhua in the first round and has a higher chance of passing the customs. However, once the semi-final is no surprise, the opponent will be Suning Tesco. Although Suning Tesco’s coach Olaroyu also said that after finishing second in the group, the team will lower its profile, but before the start of the season and throughout the first stage, Olaroyu will have more goals to qualify for the AFC Champions League. External disclosure. To reach this height, Suning.com, in addition to passing the first round, will either go one step further in the semifinals, or 3-4 matches will overpower the opponents, and it is obviously a safer way to complete the task of blocking opponents in the semifinals.


Although Evergrande and SIPG are the biggest favorites in the finals, Guoan, Luneng, Suning Tesco, and even Shenhua will not easily agree to it if they want to go to the end. The game must be played one by one, and the final goal must be won step by step in order to complete the ultimate goal.


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