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The new coronavirus has swept most corners of the world in just a few months, and Africa is no exception.


During these difficult days, as the flag figures in the football circles of Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Senegal, Drogba, Eto’o and Mane are all contacting friends from all walks of life, or contributing money or efforts to support the motherland’s anti-epidemic actions. The Togolese people have been unable to see their banner: Emmanuel Adebayor.

在这些困难的日子里,正如科特迪瓦,喀麦隆和塞内加尔的足球界的旗帜人物一样,德罗巴,埃托奥和马内都在与各行各业的朋友联系,或者为支持祖国的反抗斗争捐款或作出努力。 -流行行动。多哥人民一直看不到他们的旗帜:伊曼纽尔·阿德巴约。

Not only that, but Adebayor, who should eat and drink in his villa, also put down a cruel remark:


"Those who said that I did not donate, I will reply to you all, that is, I do not donate, it's that simple."


The Togolese people were naturally quite indignant about this statement. However, Adebayor didn't care about the criticism he received. Within a few days, he showed the 9 luxury cars in his garage...


"They can compare me with Drogba and Eto'o, but unfortunately I am not them. I am Adebayor and I will always do things according to my own ideas."


At this moment of unity, on the one hand, out of a sense of social responsibility, on the other hand, for the establishment of a positive personality, many stars are willing to contribute their meager strength, but Adebayor’s stubbornness and cold-bloodedness also has its own difficulties: the past Over the years, the "relatives" from the motherland have become his lingering nightmare. Without these relatives, who was once known as the "Little Monster", the height of his career might not stop there.


In 1984, Adebayor was born in Lome, the capital of Togo.


In this small African country with a per capita GDP of only more than US$700, even the capital has many slums, where Adebayor grew up.


"Because the roof is leaking, I have to use a bucket every night before going to bed. There is no electricity, I can only use candle lanterns, there is no toilet, and I have to go to the beach a mile away. The wind is incredible. As you can imagine, That is my life.


"We went to the neighbor’s house to watch the TV, but I don’t believe that the players on the screen are real. After going abroad to play, people say they see me on TV, and I believe that George Weah is real, maybe Zidane It’s also true. This is football in the eyes of a Togolese child."


Before the age of 4, Adebayor could not even walk. His mother took him around to see a doctor to no avail, until one day, a ball rolled in front of Adebayor and he magically stood up.


"People told my mother that your son learned to walk because of football and he should become a football player."


When Adebayor was 6 years old, his eldest brother Cora went to Germany. The whole family hoped that he would change everyone's lives, but this hope did not come true. In the words of Adebayor:


"God knows what he is doing in Germany."


When he was a child, Adebayor showed great football talent, so he was invited by Metz to try out in France.


The result of the trial training was very good. He was able to stay at the club. At this time, the long-lost eldest brother Cora appeared and said that he wanted to see him. Adebayor, who has not much income, had to borrow money from his teammates, paid his eldest brother hotel money, and even had to buy him a ticket to Germany.


"Attention, he is my brother."


In Metz's youth team, Adebayor smashed the Quartet and was promoted to the first team at the age of 17. After getting his first salary, he used the money to build a big house for his family, but this also became the beginning of a nightmare.


Knowing that he could make money, the two older brothers, Cora and Peter, began to ask him for money continuously. They needed money to do business. The nephew needed money when he got sick. The amount was getting bigger and bigger, and it even needed a knife to solve it.


"One day after I came back from training, I felt very tired. I decided to take a nap. I woke up and found a knife against my throat. I opened my eyes and saw that it was my two brothers who carried the knife. ."

“从训练回来后的第二天,我感到非常疲倦。我决定小睡一会儿。我醒来,发现一把刀子紧贴着我的喉咙。我睁开眼睛,看到是我的两个兄弟扛着刀子。 。”

Unable to withstand the tremendous mental pressure, Adebayor tried suicide for a time.


"There is a pharmacy downstairs in my apartment. I bought packs of medicines. They didn't sell me. I said they bought them for the charity in Togo. I was ready and swallowed all the medicines. , I was ready to leave. Then at midnight, I called my best friend to say goodbye."


In the end, it was a friend who rushed him to the hospital and saved Adebayor's life.


Fortunately, the harassment from his family did not affect his performance on the court. With excellent data, Monaco took Adebayor under his command.


Following this, another story opened.


"When I was in Monaco, I thought the whole family played well, so I sent my brother Rotimie to an academy in France."


As a result, within a few months, Rotimi stole 21 mobile phones, "you must know that there are only 27 players in the team." With such a bad incident, Rotimi's football career was over before it even started.


Back at home in Togo, Rotimi stole the jerseys exchanged by Adebayor and Vivian Fu, Zidane’s signature jersey, and Cartier that Adebayor bought for his mother. The necklace stole the old shoes that Adebayor collected in Monaco that his teammates did not wear, and stole many things that Adebayor bought from Europe. After it was stolen, it was sold at the market.

罗密(Rotimi)回到多哥的家,偷走了阿德巴约(Adebayor)和齐达内(Zidane)的标志性球衣Vivian Fu以及阿德巴约(Adebayor)为其母亲购买的卡地亚(Cartier)交换的球衣。项链偷走了阿德巴约在摩纳哥收集的他的队友没有穿的旧鞋,还偷走了阿德巴约从欧洲购买的许多东西。被盗后,在市场上出售。

"That necklace was worth 25,000 pounds, and he only sold it for 800 euros."


Aside from character and family affairs, Adebayor is at least more upbeat than his brothers. After coming to Arsenal from Monaco, he quickly won Wenger's trust. In the 2007-08 season, he scored 24 Premier League goals, second only to Ronaldo and tied for second with Torres.


However, coming to the more exposed Premier League also gave Adebayor's relatives "new income."


Whenever Adebayor could not meet the demands of his relatives, they would break the news to the British media such as The Sun in exchange for some reward. This makes Adebayor very distressed, because he is often struggling to cope with the media with greater say.


The most uproarious "witch" incident is the common masterpiece of older brother Cora and the British media.


"Adebayor thinks his sister and mother used witchcraft on him. Mom is very sad now. She is crying every day. I just called her and she cried again."


At the end of 2014, Cora, who drove a truck in Germany, released a blast to The Sun, saying that Adebayor was brainwashed by a "psychotherapist" and mistakenly thought that his mother was a "witch", which led to his poor condition.


And just before, Adebayor’s sister Maggie also accused Adebayor of driving her mother out of the house through the "Sun" and did not support her mother. "Now my mother can only sell plastic bags and padlocks on the street. Little clutter is barely living."

就在此之前,阿德巴约(Adebayor)的姐姐玛吉(Maggie)还指控阿德巴约(Adebayor)通过“太阳”(Sun)将母亲驱逐出屋,并且不支持母亲。 “现在,我妈妈只能在大街上卖塑料袋和挂锁。几乎没有杂乱的生活。”

Of course, Adebayor denied all the accusations, and it is difficult to figure out what the facts are.


In 2015, Adebayor, who couldn't bear it, published a thousand-word long article on his Facebook, shaking off all his "history of blood and tears" that his loved ones had tortured.


In Adebayor's description, his mother, his two older brothers Cora and Peter, his younger brother Rotimi, and his younger sister Lucia have all become his white-eyed wolves. In the article, he mentioned that he had held a family meeting in 2005, hoping that his family would understand him more, but the result of the meeting was unacceptable:


"They said I should buy a house for everyone in the family, and then pay for it every month."


Exposing that such a family scandal caused Adebayor to get into a lot of trouble, and had to leave the team in the middle of the season to go home to deal with things. In the end, Tottenham were overwhelmed and preferred to continue to pay their wages and chose to negotiate with him to terminate the contract.


There is no one else but Adebayor who can force Levi to this point.


When playing for Real Madrid on loan in the 2010-11 season, the Togolese were very popular in the locker room and Mourinho also wanted to keep him in the team. However, this scene did not happen and he had to pay attention to Adebayor’s family. Give:


"My eldest brother Cora wrote a letter to Real Madrid in the name of the Adebayor family, stating that I should not stay in Real Madrid and do not recommend that Real Madrid sign me. I am not saying that this is the main reason why I missed Real Madrid. But at least it accounts for a certain proportion, even if it is only 10%, it is still a large proportion."


Adebayor, who is 36 years old, is still playing. In February of this year, he just joined the Paraguayan team Olympia and got the highest salary in the entire league.


And he did not completely cut off contact with his relatives. At the end of 2017, he adopted the son of his brother Peter, "I will treat him as my own and let him be my eldest son."

他并没有完全切断与亲戚的联系。 2017年底,他收养了哥哥彼得的儿子,“我将把他当成我的儿子,让他成为我的长子。”

If he still wants to make money, he seems to be able to play for a while-just one month after joining the new club, he made a lot of media headlines for his martial arts-like foul action. Judging from the extent of movement, his physical condition seems to be pretty good.


For Adebayor, creating disputes has long been commonplace. He became a traitor that Arsenal fans hated after the famous 100-meter slalom in 2009.


"Arsenal fans are shouting: Your mother is a prostitute, and your father washes elephants. What else can I respond to besides slipping on my knees? My voice is no match for so many fans."


However, despite the infamy of Judas, Slacker, Ai Cai, etc., Adebayor still has a more successful career than most players.


According to statistics from the German transfer market, before joining Paraguay Olympia, he played 587 games for different teams, contributing 205 goals and 67 assists.


And don't forget, Adebayor also won the African Footballer. That was in 2008, when Drogba and Eto'o were both.


It is difficult for African players to go particularly smoothly in their careers. On the one hand, they cannot get professional and good education when they are adolescents. On the other hand, they have to cut the chaotic family relationship.


"In 3-4 years, my career will end, but my troubles will never end, because my last name is destined to be inseparable from those people."


Not only Adebayor, but also Alexander Song, who also left Arsenal, is 33 years old this year, and he is still playing football. Not long ago, because he was unwilling to reduce his salary, he completed an agreement with the Swiss Grasshoppers. The reason for his unwillingness to reduce his salary is also very simple, because he also has a large family to support (the legend has more than 400 people).


And this is the fate of many African players, as Adebayor said:


"When a family is very poor, people will block bullets for you; but once a person is developed, he seems to owe everyone money."


"If you want to understand me, take a look at my hometown of Togo."


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