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【亚博最新消息】德国队友谊赛收视率创14年新低 “二队练习赛”收获也不少

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On the last day of National Day Golden Week, did you get up in the wee hours to watch the friendly match between the German team and Turkey? I believe that most readers will give a negative answer. The biggest reason is that the game itself is really unattractive. It is enough to wake up during the day and watch the video, or even watch the highlights for a few minutes.


Not to mention the Chinese fans who have to overcome the difficult conditions of staying up late, even the local German fans are completely uninterested in this game. The ratings data show that, on average, less than 6 million viewers in Germany watched the live broadcast of this game, setting the lowest record since Loew coached the German team in over 14 years and 184 games. And in the last 11 games of the German team, none of the TV viewers exceeded 10 million.


Accompanied by the disappointment of the local German fans, it is an uninteresting achievement for the German team. After having no games for more than half a year, the German team has tied for 3 consecutive games. Whether it’s an opponent of comparable grades like Spain, or juniors like Switzerland and Turkey, whether it’s the UEFA Europa League in official matches, or a friendly game with clear training intentions, whether it’s a 1-0, 2-1 or 3-2 lead, the result is It's all tied. For Spain, it was tied in the 96th minute, this time it was the 94th minute for Turkey to release the cooked duck. For the better, the German team has been unbeaten for 8 consecutive games; for the worst, it is hard to find a victory for Loew's team this year.


The second team practice game, of course nobody watched


In fact, German fans’ enthusiasm for the national team continues to decline. This is not a phenomenon that only happened this year. It’s just that the epidemic has led to a poor atmosphere (only 300 fans are allowed to enter the stadium) and objective factors such as the intensive schedule in the second half of this year. The situation has worsened. In order to cope with the 7-day 3 match, Loew, who is responsible for the national team and his disciples and the mood of the clubs, had to recruit as many as 29 players in one breath (Schalke 04 midfielder Serdal finally Failed to report due to injury).


And in this XL list, there are several players who have been the club's substitutes recently or even for a long time. For example, Dortmund midfielder Dahoud was selected for the first time, and his club teammates Brandt and Nico Schul Ci is not much better. In his personal column, Matteus complained: "I was surprised to see many players like Nico Schultz sitting on the bench at the club playing for the German team. This is why no one watches the German team. TV broadcast."

在这份XL名单中,最近甚至很长时间以来,都有几位球员成为俱乐部的替补球员。例如,多特蒙德中场球员达胡德(Dahoud)首次入选,他的俱乐部队友布兰特(Brandt)和尼科·舒尔·西(Nico Schul Ci)并不好。马修斯在个人专栏中抱怨:“我很惊讶地看到像尼科·舒尔茨这样的许多球员坐在俱乐部的替补席上为德国队效力。这就是为什么没人看德国队的原因。电视转播。”

In order to stay in the next UEFA Europa League away game against Ukraine and home game against Switzerland, Loew used the friendly match with Turkey to train substitutes and marginal players, letting Neuer, Kroos, Kimmich, Gnabry, Zule, Werner and the rest are absolutely the main force. This is the decision announced by Loew early in the morning, so it is no wonder that the audience will not turn on the TV to watch this "second team practice match." It can be judged by Loew’s substitutions in the game. Draxler and Rudiger, who replaced the rest in the 59th minute, have a high probability of continuing to start when they are away in Ukraine. Only they are the main players at this stage. The starters will sit back on the bench in the next game, and the two wingbacks Henriks and Schultz (and the substitutes Dahoud, Niklas Stark and Amiri) will not even follow. The team went to Kiev, because the UEFA Europa League only allowed 23 people to sign up for each game.

为了留在下一场欧足联欧洲联赛客场对乌克兰的比赛中以及对阵瑞士的主场比赛中,洛伊利用与土耳其的友谊赛来训练替补球员和边际球员,让诺伊尔,克鲁斯,金米奇,格纳布里,祖勒,维尔纳和其他人绝对是主力军。这是洛伊(Loew)一大早宣布的决定,因此,难怪观众不会打开电视观看“第二小组练习赛”。可以通过Loew在比赛中的替补来判断。 Draxler和Rudiger在第59分钟替换了其余的球员,他们离开乌克兰后很有可能继续比赛。在这一阶段,只有他们是主要参与者。首发在下一场比赛中将坐在板凳上,两位边后卫亨里克斯和舒尔茨(以及替补球员达胡德,尼古拉斯·斯塔克和阿米里)甚至都不会跟随。球队去了基辅,因为欧洲足联欧洲联赛只允许23人报名参加每场比赛。

Matteus: Love has repeatedly lost victories


After the disastrous World Cup defeat in 2018, one of the important tasks of the German team is to win back the hearts of the fans. But two years later, the results were obviously disappointing. In the final analysis, the key factor in the popularity of the national team is the performance, especially the results in the biennial European Cup or the World Cup. With the European Cup being postponed for one year due to the epidemic, Loew once again said in the morning that he did not care about the results of the UEFA Nations League, so it was naturally harder to win back the fans' favor.


On the one hand, we must fully understand the difficulties of Loew and the German team. The team is already in the rebuilding period, and is limited by a series of objective conditions brought about by the epidemic. It happened that Bayern and Leipzig RB played so successfully in the UEFA Champions League in August, and the national team can only give way temporarily. . So last month, Loew simply let Neuer, Kimmich, Gnabry, Gorecka, Halstenberg and Klostermann, the six Bayern and Leipzig internationals rest. It also means that the German team has lost half of the main lineup, and the combat effectiveness is naturally greatly reduced.

一方面,我们必须充分了解洛伊和德国队的困难。该小组已经处于重建阶段,并受到该流行病带来的一系列客观条件的限制。碰巧的是,拜仁和莱比锡RB在八月份的欧洲冠军联赛中打得如此成功,而国家队只能暂时让位。 。因此,上个月,勒夫只是让六名拜仁和莱比锡国际球员安息了诺伊尔,金米希,格纳布里,戈雷卡,霍尔斯坦伯格和克洛斯特曼。这也意味着德国队失去了主要阵容的一半,战斗力自然大大降低了。

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But on the other hand, Love clearly has enough resources to let the team play better scenes and results. For example, against Spain and Switzerland last month, the German team played more and more conservatively after taking the lead until they were equalized by their opponents. In the game against Switzerland, the German team was even fortunate not to be reversed by their opponents. In the game against Turkey, the German team did not take the lead and was conservative until the 81st minute, relying on Waldschmidt's goal, to exceed the score for the third time. However, at the last moment, Loew committed the same old problem again, replacing the offensive Brandt with Hertha Berlin's midfielder or central defender Stek, which directly caused a stoppage time goal. It was precisely because Stark was dragged in the end that the offside failed, allowing Turkey's two substitute forwards Omir and Karaman to cooperate to complete the goal. And as soon as he came off the bench, Stark was cut off from the backcourt, allowing Karaman to kick the lintel.


After the game, Mateus criticized Loew repeatedly for substitutions for losing victories. Against Spain, Loew replaced Gentle, Serdar and Robin Koch, and removed Sane, Gundogan and Werner. In the end, only Draxler was left on the field. Became a true 541 without front. But with such an iron barrel formation, it was really ironic that Spain finished the buzzer with a high ball in the 96th minute. Against Switzerland, Loew successively replaced Jule and Goshen with Jonathan Ta and Emre-Can, and the more they changed, the more they were defensive, which caused the scene to lose control.

比赛结束后,马特斯(Mateus)多次批评洛伊(Loew)因失去胜利而被替换。在对西班牙的比赛中,勒夫取代了温特尔,塞尔达和罗宾·科赫,并撤下了Sane,Gundogan和Werner。最后,只有德拉克斯勒留在了赛场上。成为真正的541没有前锋。但是,由于铁桶结构如此,西班牙在第96分钟以高球结束了蜂鸣器,真是具有讽刺意味。在对瑞士的比赛中,洛伊先后用乔纳森·塔(Jonathan Ta)和埃姆雷·坎(Emre-Can)取代了儒勒(Jule)和歌珊(Goshen),而且改变得越多,他们的防守就越多,这使现场失去了控制。

After the game against Turkey, Loew defended his substitutions, replacing Rudiger and Draxler and others because "We will re-use them on Saturday. Therefore, we also changed some positions. We played in the frontcourt. There are not many options, we don’t even have any strikers outside of Luka (Waldschmidt). So it’s a little difficult to change the frontcourt. And we have more defensive players on the bench."


Behind the disappointment, a lot has been gained


For another missed victory, Love is actually very angry, but he believes that the key to the problem lies in the team's repeated missed opportunities to expand the score advantage, and too easy to lose possession of the ball. Turkey's first two goals were due to the German team's backcourt loss. The first goal was a cross from Schultz to Draxler who was not in place and was intercepted. The second goal was when Neuhaus stopped the ball slightly off his foot and was intercepted by Carragja to form a single shot-even though the ball had a huge foul. Suspected, Emre-Can also received a yellow card for violently protesting to the referee.


Love said: "If you play 3-1, your opponent will not be able to catch up. You have to handle the ball better under pressure. We always simply concede the ball in simple circumstances. You have to catch the ball and protect it. The ball. If you can’t do this, you will naturally concede.” But Loew did not blame Neuhaus. Instead, he praised the Monchengladbach midfielder, who scored in his debut. “This is In his first game, he handled a lot of balls well, especially his goals. He played an excellent game."


In addition to Neuhaus, who scored in his debut, Benfica forward Waldschmidt, who represented the national team for the 4th time, finally opened his scoring account; Havertz, who has attracted attention due to a high price transfer to Chelsea, completed 2 wonderful times Assists; After the start of the new season, after starting for Paris Saint-Germain and scoring 2 goals, Draxler's form has clearly recovered, and he has scored for the national team after a lapse of 3 years; he was selected for the first time after the 2017 Confederations Cup and started The performance of Henriks as a right-wing guard was more convincing than Krell, who was defeated by injury. In fact, behind the disappointing results, the German team still gained a lot in this test match.

除了首次亮相的诺伊豪斯(Neuhaus)以外,本菲卡前锋沃尔德施密特(Waldschmidt)第四次代表国家队出场,终于打开了自己的得分帐户。 Havertz因高价转会切尔西而引起了人们的关注,他完成了2次出色的助攻;在新赛季开始之后,在进入巴黎圣日耳曼队并打进2球之后,德拉克斯勒的状态已经明显恢复,并且在3年后他为国家队进球。他在2017年联合会杯后首次入选并开始比赛。亨里克斯作为右翼后卫的表现比因受伤而被克雷尔(Krell)更具说服力。实际上,在令人失望的结果背后,德国队在这次测试比赛中仍然收获颇丰。

In addition to Neuhaus, Jonas Hoffman and Dahoud also came off the bench and completed their national team debut. Among them, Hoffman replaced Draxler and completed a very threatening left-sided attack after the appearance. Unfortunately, in the end, Brandt's shot angle was too straight to be blocked by the goalkeeper, otherwise the score would become 3-1. .

除了诺伊豪斯之外,乔纳斯·霍夫曼(Jonas Hoffman)和达胡德(Dahoud)也从板凳席上走出来,完成了他们的国家队首秀。其中,霍夫曼取代了德拉克斯勒,并在出场后完成了非常具有威胁性的左侧进攻。不幸的是,最后,勃兰特的射门角度太直,无法被门将挡住,否则比分变成3-1。 。

Hoffman's performance obviously won Loew's favor, and he became one of the 23 players who went to Ukraine. The 28-year-old "old rookie" is a winger, but in the past two seasons he has made breakthroughs in the midfield. Last season he even played almost all positions in front of the four-back defense line. Now he is playing as a left winger. The national team made its debut. The German team currently has a surplus of midfielders and fewer options for the wingers. Coupled with Sane's injury, Hoffman is expected to get a chance in the next two UEFA Europa League games.


However, compared to training new players in friendly matches, Loew, who is under pressure due to Lianping, clearly knows that the next two UEFA Europa League games must all score 6 points. "For the games against Ukraine and Switzerland, we have many plans. Obviously. , We are now going to score points in the European League. We hope to win again in order to repay our efforts."

然而,与训练新球员参加友谊赛相比,因联平而面临压力的勒夫清楚地知道,接下来的两场欧足联欧洲联赛都必须得到6分。 “对于与乌克兰和瑞士的比赛,我们有许多计划。很显然,我们现在将在欧洲联赛中得分。我们希望再次赢得胜利,以回报我们的努力。”

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