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What kind of person is LeBron James?


Until 2012, LeBron was afraid of failure from the heart.


We all know that his childhood was not happy. He was born and raised in a small town in Cleveland. Like many black children, he hadn't seen his father since the day he was born, and his mother raised him with difficulty. Judging from the native family theory that "everything can be applied" on the Internet today, LeBron, a young man in a small town, is obviously more afraid of failure than a player from a middle-class family like Jordan Kobe, who has had nothing to worry about since childhood, please Note that the word I used is "fear"——


Kobe's hatred of failure is more based on his respect for his professional nature. He just hates it, but he is not afraid. LeBron's hatred of failure is based on his desire to abandon his previous life. He has no retreat except for success. This is the premise for LeBron to stand on the court. His fear of failure is immersed in his bones.


Life is easy, life is easy, life is not easy. He started to double-study rugby and basketball in middle school. He did not hide it, and told others directly: I play rugby to make money, and I don't want to live in poverty anymore.


But despite being poor, the LeBron family is honest. He has never done anything bad and is very polite. Most people who practice sports since childhood have been very grumpy, but he has a good temper and doesn't like to fight with people very much. This is very different from many "poor and powerful" black hooligans. . He showed too much shining athletic talent at a very young age, so that he was packaged by the developed sports ecology in the United States since the age of 14, and began to be cultivated as a star, that is, since then, he has gradually accepted My own personal settings have gradually adapted to the surrounding environment where I go to focus attention.

勒布朗一家尽管很穷,却很诚实。他从未做过任何坏事,而且很有礼貌。大多数从小就参加体育运动的人都脾气暴躁,但他脾气很好,不喜欢与人打架。这与许多“贫穷而强大的”黑流氓截然不同。 。他在很小的时候就表现出太多光彩夺目的运动天赋,因此从14岁起就被美国发达的体育生态系统所吸引,并开始被培养为明星,也就是说,从那时起,他逐渐被接受我的个人设置逐渐适应了我要集中注意力的周围环境。

His talents made him destined to work hard, make use of it, and then become famous, realize it, enter the upper class society, and achieve a counterattack in life. Since he was born, he has seen too many people in the world, so he unconsciously develops a kind of pleasing personality-be kind to others, leave room for things, and try not to tear his face with others as a last resort.


This is why he has been friends everywhere since he was young, but Kobe was quite annoying when he was young-Kobe's family situation when he was young really didn't need to please anyone.


By the way, LeBron and anyone can become good friends. Especially in recent years, he has always come out from time to time to preside over justice on Twitter, and he has been called "hypocrisy" by many sunspots. But I think, no matter whether LeBron is sincere or pretending, others will take care of it. Even pretending, if a person can pretend to be a good person for a lifetime, then there is no doubt that he is a good person.


LeBron must be a good guy.


At the same time, on the basketball court, LeBron is very good at avoiding risks. He cannot allow anything that threatens his future security, especially after he becomes the first man in the league and has a very high right to speak. It is especially obvious.


LeBron is one of the few players in the history of the NBA who can counter the management. He never allows himself to hand over his destiny to others. He is the human sports history that puts his dominance on the court off the court. The most classic case realized was that he set up an economic company. He created better living conditions for his favorite teammates. As a laborer, he helped himself to win too many benefits that previous players could not even imagine. To put it bluntly, these are all His means of self-protection.


The NBA has never been a purely competitive sports league. It has become more and more like an incubation platform for sports business. The emergence of LeBron has made all players understand a truth: they are not only individual athletes, but also entrepreneurs. By. They can't be as stupid as they used to be. They only know how to play. They also need to learn to use their abilities to play games with the capital, and how to make their value divergence more spread and stable.


Why did Irving leave the Cavaliers during the 2017 offseason? I guess one of the most important reasons is the intention to imitate LeBron, but Irving did not reach that position and was unsuccessful in learning.


At this stage in his career, LeBron has shifted from fear of failure to desire for recognition. As "Yang Yi of the United States" Smith said, he will only be finished if he has defeated all the sunspots in the world.


In fact, we look back and look at these four LeBron champions:


In 2012, the top Big Three faced the rookie three and won without suspense.


In 2013, G6 relied on the Spurs' adjustment errors, Ray Allen made a tough and lucky three-pointer, dragged the score into the tie-break and won with difficulty.

2013年,G6依靠马刺的调整失误,雷·艾伦(Ray Allen)取得了艰难而幸运的三分球,将比分拖入抢七局,并艰难地获胜。

In 2016, the Cavaliers, who were 1-3 behind in the first four games, succeeded in disrupting the pace of the Warriors' game, reversing the game, and even the league pattern, relying on a small accident that everyone knows. With his and Irving's performance in the last three games, the Cavaliers finally completed the greatest reversal in NBA history and won the championship with difficulty.


In 2020, the new crown is raging, and the rematch will be concentrated. In the end, the Lakers passed the game and won the championship.


What do you see? Each of LeBron's championships is accompanied by more or less controversy, either "together at the peak", or "rely on life", or "outside the market", or "low gold content."


How can he conquer all the sunspots? Maybe never, because in the NBA, he is already so great that there is almost no way to be greater.


The average length of service of NBA players is about 5 years, so let's tentatively set the number of players metabolized by the NBA every 5 years as an era. James is currently playing for 17 years and will continue to maintain a high level of economic status in the next three years. There is basically no suspense. In other words, when he retires, he has experienced at least four eras.


In these four eras, he was all the ruler. From 2003 to 2007, he led his team to the finals. From 2008 to 2012, he won the first championship of his career. From 2013 to 2017, he made 5 finals and won 2 championships. 2018-Today, he won another championship. His opponents ranged from Kobe, McGrady, Iverson, Pierce, Duncan in the 03 era to Howard, Wade, Anthony, Yao Ming in the 08 era, and Durant in the 13 era. , Curry, Westbrook, Harden, and the future Williamson, Morant, no one has ever taken advantage of him.

在这四个时代,他都是统治者。从2003年到2007年,他带领团队进入了决赛。从2008年到2012年,他赢得了职业生涯的第一个冠军。从2013年到2017年,他取得了5项决赛,并赢得了2项冠军。 2018年至今,他又获得了另一个冠军。他的对手从03年代的科比,麦格雷迪,艾弗森,皮尔斯,邓肯到08年代的霍华德,韦德,安东尼,姚明,以及13年代的杜兰特。 ,库里(Curry),威斯布鲁克(Westbrook),哈登(Harden)和未来的威廉姆森(Morant),莫兰特(Morant),没人能利用他。

Maybe his peak is not as high as Jordan, but his sustainability is definitely better than Jordan.


Many people want to "kidnap" LeBron. They admire one person, one city, and ridicule LeBron as a "three-name domestic slave". From this perspective, he can never compare to Kobe and Jordan. However, many people have overlooked that people with LeBron's ability and soil cities like Cleveland can't keep him. He needs the nutrients of cities like Los Angeles and New York too much. He is not just a basketball player, he He is still a star, and he is a card of American sports history.


So, if you look at LeBron's career, in fact, unlike Jordan Kobes, he has his own path. His career is more like a world life, of course, it is the world life of successful people——


There are hard work, ups and downs, pains and tiring, surprises and joys, love and hatred, persistence and job hopping, conflicts and conflicts, low ebb and failure, upright contests, and cunning calculations. I have always believed that he is not a moral saint. Even off the court, he can hardly be a role model. If Kobe’s influence on basketball is more on the outside of the court, then LeBron’s influence on basketball is more. The emphasis is on the arena.


In 2010, the Big Three got together in Miami and returned to Kerala in 2014. He also held a group. For the championship, he must also seek shortcuts;


He also had dark moments in the 2016 Century Cross and post-match remarks that put pressure on the league. For the championship, he has to do whatever it takes;

他在2016 Century Cross和赛后言论中也度过了黑暗时刻,这给联盟带来了压力。为了获得冠军,他必须尽一切努力。

In 2017, he broke his face with Irving. For the championship, he was not very generous.


Because there is only one winner on the basketball court, these disputes are simply inevitable.


Having said so much, perhaps the following two sentences are the most pertinent evaluation I can give him now——


On the field, LeBron is a great man, but not a good man.


In life, LeBron is a good man, but not a great man.


In fact, this is enough for LeBron.


No one commented, but quiet


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