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Football is round, anything can happen! This is a truth we all know, but when a strong team is playing against a weak team, we always tilt the winning scale to the strong team. Only after the result of the game will you pat your thighs and feel heartbroken. In the two Europa League A-level fourth group matches that ended on the morning of the 14th, Beijing time, the number one Spain lost 0 to 1 in the group third Ukraine, and the second ranked Germany 3 to 3 home draws the bottom of the group. A Swiss. You must know that before these two games, all parties were not optimistic about Ukraine and Switzerland, Spain and Germany were upset.


In Ukraine's match against Spain, Ukraine's SP was finally 9.75, which is close to 10. This is a very difficult number to achieve. Germany's SP against Switzerland reached 4.2, and this return is quite high. But let's take a look at the SPs that Ukraine and Germany won. The values ​​are only 1.19 and 1.36. According to past experience, such a low SP will win. Especially when Ukraine beat Spain, it is even more difficult to find a clue. Next, we also have an afterthought to try to replay these two upsets.


1. The reputation of the team does not mean that it is strong in combat.


Spain is the 2010 World Cup champion and Germany is the 2014 World Cup champion. They have deep background... When predicting the game, we always use this reason to convince ourselves. There is nothing wrong with this kind of thinking, but what we want to see is that Germany’s World Cup champion was also 6 years ago, and the old calendar is sometimes very delayed.


After Spain won the World Cup in 2010, it also won the European Cup in 2012. Then you look at their performance in the subsequent European Cups, World Cups, and the last Europa League, and you will find that they do not have the style of a super team at all.


Take the recent World Cup in Russia as an example. Germany failed to qualify even in the group stage. Spain lost to the host Russia on a penalty kick. How downcast is Germany? Before defeating Ukraine in the last round of the match, the German team had not won seven games in the two UEFA Europa League matches. It stands to reason that he was going to be demoted in the European League A group, but the expansion of the army saved them. In fact, we have traditional knowledge of Spain and Germany, but the reality is that this knowledge is compromised.


2. After the replacement team, technical and tactical capabilities need to be strengthened.


The splendor of Spain has made a large number of superstars, such as Xavi, Iniesta, Butzkerz, Alba, Ramos, Torres, and a large number of people, these people are also good enough. There are even more people in Germany. Cross, Muller, Hummels, Boateng, etc. are all top in the world. But in fact, because of their strong ability, they have occupied the main position for a long time, so that the younger generation loses room for growth. When new people are really needed to play a role, they often fail. The Netherlands, which has missed the European Cup and the World Cup consecutively, is such a typical team. They were also delayed by Robben and Van Persie. The growth of a player requires more game experience, and almost no one can be super amazing in the national team. There are such stars, but it must not be a huge logarithm, and more people have to make a step by step. When the Spanish and German teams have really changed their blood, you will find that the younger generation is really embarrassed.


With Spain's lineup against Ukraine on the 14th, you can find that you have many unfamiliar names. Just ask, do you know that they all play for that club (the answer is at the end of this article)? Germany has the same problem.


Spain (4-3-3): 1-DE GEA; 22 Navas, 15 Ramos, 4-pao-torres, 3-regelon; 10-canales (73 ', 7-olmer), 16 Rodrigo, 6-merino (46', 8-sevarios); 17 Fati (58 ', 18-ferran-torres), 19 Rodrigo (58', 21-oaxabar), 11 Traore

西班牙(4-3-3):1-DE GEA; 22纳瓦斯,15拉莫斯,4磅托,3雷吉隆; 10通道(73',7-olmer),16 Rodrigo,6-美利奴(46',8-sevarios); 17法提(58',18-费兰-托雷斯),19罗德里戈(58',21-瓦哈巴),11特拉奥雷

3. The head coach is optimistic and does not care about the outcome of the game.


Why Spain lost, this has a lot to do with the team's coach Enrique, he rotated four players compared to the previous round. Of course, such a rotation is also necessary, after all, one team cannot play all games. But in fact, for the Europa League, his goal is not to care about winning or not, but to step up his team lineup and strive to have an outstanding performance in the European Cup next year. In fact, the German coach Loew thinks so too. The Germans are now under great pressure, especially since the World Cup even lost South Korea, and the last UEFA Europa League did not win a match, which is extremely disproportionate to their historical status. Of course, Spanish and German football have a deep heritage, and their players have certain abilities, but they are definitely not the kind of facing difficulties and not being chaotic. In these two losses, they both had the absolute advantage of possession and number of shots, but in the end they could not win the game. It can only be said that it is their ability to seize opportunities in this game. This can be said to be bad luck, but is it not a manifestation of ability?


When Spain and Germany have a good match, their opponents are struggling. Ukraine defeated France 1-7 in the previous match. At the same time, Shevchenko even missed the 18-man roster because of the new crown. The 45-year-old goalkeeper coach Shokovski had to sign up. In this game against Spain, Shevchenko recruited a newcomer, and then the team defeated Spain with 2 shots. This has elements of luck. In the match between Germany and Switzerland, the German team once fell behind 0-2, and then fell behind 2-3. The German team scored three times, which has a lot to do with the three turnovers of the Swiss central defender Fabian Schell. You said that a major player in the Premier League, Newcastle, has not seen him behave like this in ten years?

当西班牙和德国交锋时,他们的对手就在挣扎。乌克兰在上一场比赛中以1-7击败法国。同时,舍甫琴科甚至因为新冠而错过了18人阵容。这位45岁的门将教练肖科夫斯基不得不报名参加。在这场与西班牙的比赛中,舍甫琴科招募了一位新人,然后球队以2球击败了西班牙。这有运气的元素。在德国和瑞士的比赛中亚博最新域名,德国队曾经以0-2落后,然后以2-3落后。德国队获得了三次进球,这与瑞士中央后卫Fabian Schell的三次失误有很大关系。您说过,英超的主要球员纽卡斯尔十年来还没有看到他这样的举动吗?



Spain (4-3-3): 1 - de GEA (Manchester United); 22 - Navas (Sevilla), 15 - Ramos (Real Madrid), 4 - Bao - Torres (Villarreal), 3 - regelon (spurs); 10 - canales (Real Betis), 16 - Rodrigo (Manchester City), 6 - Merino (Royal Society); 17 - Fati (Barcelona), 19 - Rodrigo (Leeds United), 11 - Traore (wolves)

西班牙(4-3-3):1-GEA(曼彻斯特联); 22-纳瓦斯(塞维利亚),15-拉莫斯(皇家马德里),4-鲍尔-托雷斯(比利亚雷亚尔),3-雷杰隆(马刺); 10-频道(皇家贝蒂斯),16-罗德里戈(曼彻斯特城),6-美利奴(皇家学会); 17-法蒂(巴塞罗那),19-罗德里戈(利兹联),11-特拉奥(狼)



7- Olmer (Leipzig Red Bull)


8 - sevarios (Arsenal)




58 ', 18 - Ferran - Torres (Manchester City)


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